p3 advanced

  1. D

    Firmware Update Problems- V01-11-0020

    I just updated to V01.11.0020. the update seemed to go fine, but now the aircraft won't link to the remote. In the GO app I get the message "Aircraft Disconnected". In the status window, it has N/A for "Aircraft Battery" and Battery temperature. It also says Gimbal disconnected. When I power up...
  2. Uncle Stumpy

    I need a new device for my P3 Advanced - old wifi iPad no good

    My wifi only iPad worked for my P3 Standard but my new 3 Advanced doesn't use wifi, which is the point. Does anybody know if I get a new (used) iPad, do I need one with a phone contract? Or will they work just for the drone? Like what is called unlocked? I have no need for a cell phone so I am...
  3. K

    Wanted: Silver Nameplate Sticker From P3 Advanced

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement Silver Advanced nameplate/emblem for the P3 advanced shell? I lost mine during a crash, and I cannot find anywhere that sells them :( Thanks in advance for the help, KC
  4. Mityone

    Terrible video

    I have a P3 Advanced and the quality of my videos are horrible. Maybe, I need to adjust it or something. I hope someone can give me some tips.
  5. E

    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    Hey Everyone... I have a P3 Adv that took a spill a few months ago. I've replaced the Aircraft already but the gimbal/camera has jitters and digital artifacts. Looking to buy a new or "like new" Gimbal/Camera for the P3 Adv or Pro. Located in VA, USA. Let me know what you have for sell...
  6. T

    P3 Advanced Flex Cable Shield Replacement Part

    Hello, Done my fair share of googling and attempted to get help from DJI, not having any luck so far. Received my P3 Advanced yesterday, bought it from a store online and already knew there were some gimbal issues, price I paid made it worth it. Long story short, the one thing sticking out to...
  7. C

    P3 Camera Shimmy. Just bought this thing!

    Hey, I just bought a P3 Advanced after the Karma was recalled... So far the flight and control has been great, but there appears to be a small shimmy in the video that is shown and recorded. I'm assuming it's the wind (maybe 10 mph, but not bad) or something else. It's a little bothersome to...
  8. S

    P3 Firmware No flight after update

    I updated my DJI Phantom 3 adv won't fly after updating the drone. The camera is on and the gimbal is able to tilt using the remote. Under the battery section in the DJI Go app it has N/A under all the information. Anyone had this issue before and what was the problem/ solution. Thanks heaps
  9. S

    HDMI = Don't waste your money on the module!!

    Let me tell you a little and quite expensive story about getting Goggles working on my P3A. read on; I've been working on getting goggles working with my P3A for about a month! Ordered my first Fat Shark Goggles and HDMI module. Installation was a snap! 5 mins max.. However no video, tried...
  10. G

    Wifi Connection Question

    Just purchased p3 advanced. Instructions indicate using usb cable to connect RC with iphone6. This means I must use RC to adjust camera versus "camera operator" using iphone and dji app. Is there a reason for this change from wireless to wired connection?
  11. B

    live streaming app, looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive offers an app allowing live streaming from your android device and P3/P4/Inspire drone to our site, www.skytubelive.com. We'll be adding an iOS version soon, as well as a professional version of the app that will allow you to stream to sites other than our own. We'll be...
  12. RobbiNewman Light&Vision

    P3 Pro flying out at sea filming whales

    We have a marine studies unit in our Living Ocean Organisation and I have permits to fly 'drones' to study them. This is in Sydney Australia to the north. Have had a lot of successful flights but its very tricky taking off and landing...and indeed flying out at sea. Issues include the rocking...
  13. Rijana

    New yorkers..

    Hi all, Just received a new P3 advanced for my bday. Lovin it so far. Just wanted to see if theres anyone based on Long Island NY and can recommend their fav places to fly. Thanks much :)
  14. C

    P3 Adv Crashed and sunk

    Evening all, looking for some help and advice on how and why my advanced crashed today. Healthy Drones report is pointing at a compass issue? HealthyDrones.com - Innovative flight data analysis that matters After take off and a short climb / forward flight, there was a change in engine...
  15. wieshka

    P3 Firmware Firmware V01.08.0080 connectivity issues

    So the winter is over (yes, did some flights over winter as well) and it is the time to clean the dust from my P3A and have some fun, so started with FW update. Few days ago DJI announced new Firmware - V01.08.0080, so I did the upgrade and now I am facing very annoying issues: 1) sometimes...
  16. P

    GL300A GL300B exchange prints possible? Help

    dear flyyers. I have both GL300A and GL300B. The difference is the video unit processing the view on the ipad. I have exchanged the prints from both remotes but get no vision on ipad. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to exchange the prints? The a controller is in better condition and the b...
  17. E

    Active Track P3P/A?

    Watching the presentation and the videos it doesn't seem like active track is a feature that uses anything other than the camera... Anyone got any ideas as to whether they think it will be pushed over firmware to P3P/A editions?
  18. Pointyhead

    Different Motors between P3S & P3A/P

    I am vacillating between the Standard and Advanced at the moment. I have reviewed all the specs that I can find, but here's a question that I can't find the answer to. I was watching tons of YouTube videos featuring out of the box reviews and someone mentioned that the Advanced had bigger motors...
  19. I

    Good P3 prices here...

    I wish they would go for this cheap when I bought mine :) HeliDirect -- Best Customer Services, Fast Shipping, Great Selections
  20. D

    Thoughts on making the right choice please

    About to upgrade from P2V to P3 but which one would you recommend, Advanced or Professional, the only difference I can see is the 4k camera which unless I'm wrong I have nothing to view this picture quality on, ie iPhone, iPad, etc. Am I missing anything else?