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  1. R

    Gimbal problem, noise and no connection to app

    Hello to all. I have the problem show in the video. Has Someone had the same issue? You can find the video on my google drive. Thank you Rohs
  2. M

    Connection issue between RC / Phantom / Mobile device

    Hi Guys, I've just bought the P3S. I opened the box, charged everything as instructed and download the latest version of the app from the Apple Store. I then followed the steps of the apps 1. Turn on remote 2. Turn on quadcopter 3. Try to connect to the phantom via the WI-FI network. I use...
  3. R

    P3S upgrade downloan now no connection

    I downloaded the P3 Standard 1.8.10 upgrade by changing the wifi (in the app) to my local connection, downloaded and now I can not connect to the Phanthom, it does not seem to have a signal- when I look in wi-fi on my Phone(andrioid) I can find my phanthom but "not in range". I have restarted...
  4. Asiekierda313


    I was just curious, what part of the Standard 3's are responsible for connecting your aircraft to the transmitter? I crashed mine a few weeks ago and it will not connect no matter what and I don't know what to look at or replace.
  5. D

    question on a cable that broke during crash

    So I think I got really lucky but still have not resolved my problem (but it happened last night) I was flying my drone and it was about 300 ft up when all of a sudden it started to spin out of control. There was nothing I could do but to jump in my car and chase down where it landed. To my...
  6. M

    P4 not connecting to iPad 2

    I have connected my iPad 2 to the controller, turned on the controller and P4, and turned on the current application. However, it says there is no connection to the P4. As a result, the dashboard will not appear. Any ideas why this is a problem? Thanks.
  7. T

    HD Live View not working (Phantom 3)

    Wonder if anyone has a solution to a problem I am having with a newly purchased P3. My screen does not display video from the drone camera. The camera does work, I can record video and take pictures to be viewed on my computer from the SD card. Whether I use an iPad or iPhone, the Go app does...