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    Cannon Mountain in Franconia Notch New Hampshire
  2. Rodee34

    I crashed.. not sure why.

    Just the facts.. Adjusted screen brightness on my iPhone Max Turned on controller (one antenna type) Left toggle (S-2) in center mode, Right toggle (S-1) in top position I "thought" that was the GPS mode. (P Mode) Turned on Aircraft battery Went to Wi-Fi, logged into...
  3. T

    New Props Old Drone

    Has anyone actually tried the new p4p v2 props on an original p4p yet?! Is it any quieter and worth the money?
  4. L

    Selling Phantom 4!!!

    Im selling my my phantom 4 standard with 2 extra batteries bearly used and carrying bag. Total flight time is less than 15 hours. Also have mini ipad cover and range extender antenas. $1000 or better offer. Have new twins and no time to fly. Poor bird needs to fly. If interested let me know
  5. Jonathanr007


  6. S

    SOLD :: For Sale: New Unopened Box Packed Phantom 3 Standard

    File1 by salmansiddique posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:34 PMFile4 by salmansiddique posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:34 PMFile3 by salmansiddique posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:34 PMFile2 by salmansiddique posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:34 PMFile-1 by salmansiddique posted Oct 11, 2017 at 9:34 PMHello Guys, I got the...
  7. R

    Hello From Northern Ireland

    Hi guys! I've just ordered my first ever drone! I went for the Phantom 4 Pro as the camera looks ridiculously good! I have basic experience flying a Raptor 50 heli but that was a few years back. I wanted to say hello to see if there are any more of you from NI; and if so.. are there any nice...
  8. C

    Linking my remote to a new drone

    After a tragic incident last year I lost contact with my Phantom 3 4k when I was flying it over water and it sunk to the bottom of the sea. I was thinking of buying another one, but I still have the remote and extra blades. Therefore I want to buy only the aircraft. Before I buy it, I just want...
  9. Skidog

    Hi from Michigan!

    Hi I'm new here as of last night and have only 3 flights under my belt with my new P3S. I love it! Question.. I've noticed in my video footage that the horizon at times is tilting a little down to the right. Is this something normal that I should correct in post? Thanks everybody!
  10. T

    Montage Music

    Hi, Im looking for some music to put in my montage of drone videos. I make quite a few videos, ranging from city skylines, to countrysides and golf courses. I need something thats energetic and captures the audiences attention, one of my favourites is "Run Boy Run - Woodkid" so anything similar...
  11. C

    Weak controller signal after latest firmware update

    A few days ago I installed the new firmware on my p4pro drone and controller but since then I have been experiencing a very weak controller signal and aircraft gets disconnected immediately. Anyone of you experiencing the same issue?
  12. xavier1984

    Hi from Swiss

    Hi all ! I'm a new member from Swiss and i have a Phantom 4 Pro. I'm very interested to learn and improve my drone knowledge and share my creation on this forum. See you :-) Xavier
  13. AvionicsAussie

    Any warnings, advice or tips on brand new P3S?

    I am shortly about to unpackage and initialize my brand new P3S, also I am in Australia (CE). But before I go ahead and do so, I would love to hear any advice or tips that may save my butt for down the track. I do plan on modding my P3S, Magic Power?Icarus? DBS antenna and then boosters...
  14. Capitan Bastos

    The Phantom 4 Put me in urgent care

    True story.
  15. PastaCore

    Hi From Hoylandswaine

    I am brand new at drone flying, although I used to fly RC Helicopters over 30 years ago, or should I say crashed RC Helicopters, no gyro's, nothing in those days. I am interested in the photography side of the hobby, being a retired photographer, I am looking for advice on Video editing.
  16. D

    Droning as a media business idea

    Hey guys My buddy and I are new to the drone world. We had an idea to use drones to fly around with a flag or advertisement of some sort around populated areas. Here is a link to the survey, if you have additional comments or drone specs that we didn't address please comment below, we'd love...
  17. M

    first video would love feedback

  18. G

    Lehigh valley pa Easton area

    I have been thinking about getting a phantom 3 for my first drone was hopping someone in the area would let me come watch them fly thier drone and ask some questions. I'll treat for breakfast/lunch
  19. D

    Media editor mocks CAA investigation while breaking the rules himself

    This all started when our local media in New Zealand got investigated by the CAA for flying a drone above the height 400 feet allowed in NZ. CAA Confirms Investigating Drone Flight - Then the front page editor Rory O’Sullivan decided to mock the post so we...
  20. R

    BIG DEAL on Phantom 3 4K bundle - New (Open Box)

    I am selling my Phantom 3 4K bundle package. I do not want 2 P3 at my home. It is brand-new (open box). Includes 3 batteries, 2 pair of props, USB drive, 64 GB sd memory card and accessories. I have attached P3 4K photographs. Price is $700.