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  1. R

    Travel With Drone Guide/Tips, Comprehensive

    Hello fellow flyers! I just finished a light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling with your drone. I split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just to organize the content a bit better. Feel free to input your own advice so those who are looking to travel may...
  2. iflyskyhigh

    *Sold* DJI Phantom 3 Pro w/ 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries iPad mini 2 64GB *SOLD*

    $850 ($1000 w/ iPad mini see below) DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4 DJI OEM Intelligent Flight batteries 2 Sets DJI OEM props DJI OEM iPhone sunshade DJI OEM iPad mini sunshade Polar Pro Landing Gear Polar Pro Gimbal Guard Polar Pro Lens Cover Polar Pro 6 ND Filter Set ND Filter Set carrying case Remote...
  3. A

    New Phantom Pilot here...help need with DJI ND Filter

    I was under the understanding that the P4Pro has a clear lens installed on it right out of the factory...I purchased a DJI ND 8 and having trouble removing the clear lens cover...I am using lefty loosy method...and cant get it to budge....is that correct? any hints to take the factory lens...
  4. gglop

    P4 lens compatibility

    I'm in agriculture and use the P4 for sugar cane field observation. Curious to know how adding a filter will or will not affect the gimbal performance...also, are filters for P3 compatible with that of the P4? Many thanks!
  5. doug_judy

    Polar Pro ND Filter 6-Pack

    Polar Pro ND Filters 6-pack with cases - Mint Condition **SOLD** Fits: Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Pro, Adv, 4K Includes CP, ND4, ND8, ND32, ND8/PL, ND16/PL
  6. rcheing

    Mint - P3P with Itelite DBS Mod & Nanuk 950 Case - South Florida - Very Low Hours!

    Hello everyone, Well the time has come to sell my beloved bird as I simply don't have the time for it anymore. I live within a Class D airport's 5 mile radius, directly north of the runway in the flight path and quite frankly, it's a hassle every time I wanted to fly. I purchased this back in...
  7. B

    POLL (Polar Pro filter users): Would you use a ND2 filter for P4P?

    Now that we have a 1" sensor camera on the P4P, I find myself enjoying f2.8 for DOF control with close work video. However, the Polar Pro line of filters does not offer anything under an ND4 (CP). The difference between naked and ND4 doesn't always give me the control I need to keep a 180º...
  8. J

    Selling DJI Phantom 4 (3 ND FIlters, 2 SD Cards, Great Condition)

    I am selling my DJI Phantom 4 due to not having much time to fly it and also the area is not that great as Lincolnshire is quite flat. The drone has never been crashed or used aggressively. It comes with 1 Intelligent Battery, 8 Props, 3 ND Filters, 32GB Micro SD Card + 4GB SD Card, Original...
  9. tml4191

    Anyone have any p4p ND filters f/s?

    Please contact me if you have any Phantom 4 Pro ND filters for sale.
  10. OOO

    How to clean ND filters?

    Hi I have several ND filters for my MP and P4P. I find it very hard to clean them thoroughly. What is the best way to clean these filters? Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!
  11. Henrik Olsen

    Do you need an ND filter? How do you select the right filter for a given scene!

    Do you need an ND filter? How do you select the right filter for a given scene! I made this beginners tutorial covering the basics around ND filters and to help you select the right ND filter for a specific scene/light. This is made for Mavic but the principle is the same for Phantom with fixed...
  12. P

    Taco ND filter Vs. Taco MC ND

    My question is, what is the big difference between the two. I get the MC ND filters help with reflection, but as far as post production, which is better for color grading. Does the MC ND filter make color grading more difficult because it saturates the image more or does it not make a difference...
  13. L

    Noise by too light, nd filter prevent?

    hello guys and not ... I ask a little help regarding Nd filters: with plenty of light, day, risk of focus images, too light or viceversa. using, nd filter, improved the situation of too much light? Thanks in advance. Ciao
  14. jdwarren

    P4P Filters

    Hey all, With my P4P, turns out my P4 filters won't work on them. I live in Florida by the beach so filters are a must for me. I am stuck between polar pro's shutter vs vivid collection. The shutter collection are straight ND's to reduce SS, the vivid includes PL to reduce glare. I can't...
  15. tml4191

    It Has Arrived... ND filters for the P4P(+)

    It's too windy to fly right now, but it's a perfect fit! The adaptor that was sent is a prototype, so expect a cleaner cut if you get one of them.
  16. UnlimiteDrone

    ND Filters - Everything you need to know about it

    Hello Everybody I want to share with you my guide about ND Filters because I think it will be helpful especially for the beginners in this forum. ND Filter – Why they are necessary for your drone Feedback is very much appreciated!
  17. H

    RTH Question (and a few other basic questions)

    Hello - just received my P3 Standard a few days ago. I have been taking it really slow as far as my flying goes. I have read too many newbies posts where they freaked out and either lost or broke their drone through inexperience! Having a blast soo far! I have a few questions (and I...
  18. Καλλιστώ

    Beatiful hidden jem, close to the "5 Terre", north west Italy.

    Hello. Went to this beautiful little spot in the "Gulf of poets", a tiny "beach" close to the village of Lerici. Testing the variable nd filter (2/400). Crappy! Cheap filter, cheaper results, back to the case, forever. I pledge guilty to the tacky music, too. To be honest, my very first urge...
  19. tml4191

    Is there a PL/CPL filter that can slip onto a p4/p3 polarpro ND filter?

  20. tml4191