micro sd

  1. T

    Micro SD Card Format error and no files shown.

    I am not having a good time of late with my various issues. Now I have an micro SD card with numerous flights on it showing as not formated. I have tried recovering files using recovery with 2 different software but even that says no files on the card. The last flight I took my phone only...
  2. P

    Micro SD card issue

    Hello everyone, I have a Problem with my phantom 3 SE, more precisely with my Micro SD cards. I have got two class 4 cards wich the Drone accepts but I can't shoot in 4k with them. Therefore i bought two 64gb class 10 cards (Samsung evo & San Disk extreme). If I Put them in the Drone it always...
  3. L

    Professional P3PRO firmware update keeps failing

    Hello Community I am having a problem with my phantom 3 pro. It is constantly beeping very loud whenever you turn it on due to a failed update. I now have tried to reinstall the firmware on the drone (01.11.00) but it keeps failing over and over again. I have tried it using several micro SD...
  4. tml4191

    Do 256gb microsd cards work on the p4p?

    I know that DjI recommends 64 gb microsd cards only, but my 128gb lexar works perfectly fine for a few good months now. Has anyone successfully used the 256 gb micro card on their p4p?
  5. tml4191

    Does anyone have any FAST MiroSD cards f/s 64gb-128gb?

    I'm looking for a uhs3 type microsd card, so I figured phantompilots might be a good place to ask. Does anyone have a spare microsd card f/s? I live in southern California, so we can meet up or just deal online. I need it to be at least 64gb. 128gb is preferable.
  6. Nate-xt

    Micro sd failed save

    ok, this has probably been asked before. But, i was flying today and my tablet's battery died during flight. i made a successful landing but when i plugged in the sd and opened the folder there were no photos!? is there a way to get them back? and why didn't they get saved in the first place?
  7. Paulie1340

    Standard Problems with MicroSD card

    I've taken about 6GB of videos on my P3S, lots of fun to watch and posted a few online for friends to see. I have been able to reference the chip, read the chip in the Mac's chip reader, copy files off the chip onto my Mac. Of course, my 8GB chip is nearly full so I want to delete the whole...
  8. tml4191

    amazon prime lightning deal 32gb microsd lexar about 10 bucks <<<

    I have the 128gb, and it works good, so the 32gb for only ten bucks seems like a great deal for those who need it. Felt like sharing this Christmas season, so here's the deal...