1. Z

    DJI PHANTOM 4 Pro + V2 & Phantom 4 Maintenance and Service Manual

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for maintenance manuals for my drones. In my country you are required to have a maintenance manual issued by the manufacturer. Thanks
  2. New Phantom Owner

    Responsible Battery Use?

    So I have this Phantom. It has a Battery. Lasts around 20 minutes or so. Also have a car charger to charge away from home. I am in the market for an extra battery or three. My question is how long of a cool down time is sufficient, adequate, and or responsible for the longevity of the drone's...
  3. M

    P4P Motors lifespan/MTBF?

    Working on a project in a tropical environment with a P4P. We're flying mapping missions with DJI Ground Station. We've got about 80hrs on the system an I'm starting to worry about the motors and ESCs. We run about 10 batteries per day for a week at a time. What's the lifespan or MTBF of those...
  4. Numone

    Phantom Batteries Maintenance

    So, the word on the street is now "do not cycle the batteries anymore!" and "you'll damage your batteries doing this" and other comments like "they don't have a memory effect." Hmmmmm. Bit confused now. So where did this info come from exactly? Have DJI sent written confirmation that their...
  5. B

    Phantom 4 Durability and Preventative Maintenance

    Hey Everyone- I have a Phantom 4 and have logged 260 flights, 54 hours of flight time, and 1.5 million feet (284 miles). This doesn't include numerous flights with GSPro. Knocking on wood as I say this, I haven't had a single issue. I still have the original props on it. Is there anything I...
  6. wawakool

    After how much flight or time shall i change propellers ? p3 pro

    Hello, Would like to know according your experience, after how much time or how much flight shall i change propellers please :) Thank you very much
  7. G

    Motor Condition Monitoring

    Is anyone performing periodic acoustic spectrum analysis and temperature monitoring to monitor the health of the motors on their drone(s)? Seems like doing so might be cheap insurance. I have inexpensive IR thermometer and recently loaded an acoustic spectrum analyzer app into my I-Phone. I'm...
  8. Dramface460

    Battery discharging and storage question

    Hello P4 pilots, So I just called DJI about this question and got a kinda unclear answer. So should I discharge my batteries to 50 percent with that battery discharger DJI sells for 100 dollars or set the battery discharger to 2-3 days in the DJI Go app. I have 4 batteries. I do tend to use all...
  9. David Cooke

    Bearing Lubrication???

    Does anyone have ANY info on when or how to lubricate Phantom4 bearings. DJI seems to be totally silent on the issue and motor bearings on a P4 are inaccessible. Could it be they are sealed and "good for life" or what? With over 40hrs on the motors now I'm getting nervous and beginning to worry...
  10. stewball5

    Preventive, Routine, and Periodic Maintenance

    I believe DJI must include maintenance schedules, procedures, and checklists for preventative, routine, and periodic, maintenance, in the User Manual. Not only should the schedules be published, but so should procedures and checklists be published as well. It seems that since DJI does not...
  11. sonof40

    303 Aerospace protectant

    I've used this stuff for years now on all my cars and trucks so I thought I'd pose it as a protectant for the Phantom. Here's some product info from the manufacturer: "303 Aerospace Protectant Product Description Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 Aerospace...