1. B

    Found Crashed Drone Livonia, MI

    One of my employees found a crashed drone in Livonia, MI. No owner name on it, and can't find anywhere to look up a serial number. Was a week or so ago. Have this listed on craigslist as well to find the owner. Thanks!
  2. J

    Lost P3P - Naples, FL

    I have had my drone for only a few weeks, as it was a Christmas present. I am down in Naples, FL at my place in a residential tower near the beach. The tower has a slight U-shape to it, and I found that I couldn't get a proper compass readout when I tried taking off from there. I went around...
  3. C


    Link to flight info: HealthyDrones.com - Innovative flight data analysis that matters I was flying backwards getting footage of land, when djigo crashed (nothing new); I immediately hit RTH, then worked on getting djigo back open (which previously worked - was usually able to reconnect without...
  4. owen35

    Found Crashed Drone.

    Recently, my Brother in law was out hunting with a group of friends and they came across a crashed drone. Believing it was the as mine, he brought it to me to see if I wanted it. The body has one bent arm, and all of the motors are seized up. It has a gimble that I assume was made for a...
  5. B

    Find Drone Website

    I have not used this so this is not a recommendation, but if you have lost your drone (or found one) then you may want to know about this website: The best place to find your lost drone
  6. R

    Standard Lost Phantom 3S. Disconnected while flying miles from home.

    I attempted a risky and very stupid flight today. I drove in the car with a relative while we flew the drone overhead. We kept going for miles until there we passed by with a forest on our left, thick, tall trees that go on forever. Then, all of a sudden, it read, Aircraft Disconnected, and I...
  7. X

    Marco Polo Trackers..... No Cell, No GPS, No Fees, 2 Mile Range

    Fly with peace of mind...... In the event of a fly away the Marco Polo tracker will take over and provide on screen directional info as well as signal strength (1-100) indication. On flat terrain you can expect 2+ miles of range. Take a look at our video of a very wooded rural locate at...
  8. clackey

    PortMurray , NJ Found Phantom 3

    Message me with the serial number and I'll put you in touch with the person who found it. C.
  9. R

    Dangerous behaviour of my new p4

    Bought yesterday a new p4 and finally got to fly it today. Calibrated the compass and IMU (firmwares up to date according the app) and the whole first flight in beginner mode went well except a little twitching of the bird while steering with the right stick. This did not bother me since i hadd...
  10. M

    Lost in the woods

    I'm trying to figure out if I have any options with DJI. I have a Phantom 3 Pro that I bought in November 2015. I was flying out behind my house and out over the trees. I had a full charge on one of my batteries. I took off at full throttle out about 1/4 mile over the trees and lost my bird. It...
  11. H

    Phantom 4 Lost Range, Never RTH

    I was out flying my Phantom 4 last night and got to around 2000 feet away with 80% percent battery. At this point it lost connection and I assumed it would automatically RTH. After waiting for a while it never returned and I got no more video feed. What I have read is that it possibly got stuck...
  12. Z

    Stranded Crash On Business Building (No permission to access property)

    On Tuesday, August 30th, I ended up losing signal with a return to home altitude that was too low and caused my drone to crash on a building (160 ft high). I met a security guard who was cool enough to go out of his way to check the roof where he is not allowed to be and has confirmed the drone...
  13. MartyPilot

    I've sink my drone last week end ... leason learned !

    I everybody, This week end I've crashed / sink my drone into a lake because: - Since we where moving, I've lost orientation while flying and had forgot to designate a watcher so nobody warned me that I was flying directly toward water and heard a "sploush" ... **** ! I've lost of the bird...
  14. Technikal

    Just Lost my PSP while in litchi mission , need help !

    I was running a litchi mission and when it got near 2nd point i notice the drone showing on screen went to the point very fast and then showed drone from same point agian going normal speed to point 2 and then just lost signal. The mission was over a land site that i dont have access to but...
  15. Hangfire

    Tracking lost P4

    Hello, I fly over a forested area and lost my P4 into the thick underbrush of the forest floor. I was able to find it within a short time by reviewing the flight recording, but it was a lucky stroke, mainy because of the thickness of the underbrush. As it was I had to tramp through poison oak...
  16. R

    Professional Stolen Phantom 3 Pro

    Hi guys, I just had my drone stolen in Miami. It's a Phantom 3 Professional. Is there any way I can trace it through the GPS? Can the drone be traced as soon as somebody connects it to a computer, based on the serials numbers I can provide? Thank you ! R
  17. D

    P3P Lost Advice Please

    My P3P was lost yesterday and I am fairly sure it will be unrecoverable. I was flying over a lake at a height of 124ft and went from completely stable flight to seeing water on FPV and lost signal 2 seconds later. During that 2 seconds I noticed a warning pop up about max motor RPM and...
  18. clackey

    Phantom Found in Simi Valley, Ca

    Someone found a phantom in their backyard on Saturday evening, Feb 20, 2016 in Simi Valley, California. If you believe it is yours, PM your FAA certificate # to verify and I'll put you in touch with them to retrieve it. C.
  19. Ciaran Motel

    Professional Drone lost after signal lost... What can i do ?

    Hello to everyone, I have been reading a lot of threads but apparently no one has encountered my problem so here we go... It has been three days since my brand new phantom 3 arrived and after 5 flights, decided to go to this nice lake in the south of France where i live. Before taking off, as...
  20. Y

    P3P/HDMI and Download data connection lost issue

    **realized I typoed the subject, supposed to be downlink data, not download. Force of habit I guess.** Hey guys, So I've had a P3P for a few months now and have had no issues so far. However today, in two separate flights, I lost the "downlink data" (according to HealthyDrones). In one...