1. V

    Lost most of my video files from flights. First two files saved to SD card keep getting written over

    Yesterday I went flying with my P3A. I would properly stop the recording in the DJI GO app on my ipad mini 2 and properly power down my P3A before changing batteries. I found out that for some reason the video files kept writing over the files named DJI....1. and DJI....2. I lost a LOT of...
  2. S

    Transmitter Signal Lost - CFG-ERR

    Hi there, I got my DJI Phantom a few days ago. Took it out of the box, attached the gimbal and took it outside. Fast yellow LED flashes after the Power On Self Test. I thought initially this was the GPS LED, so I left it there for around 10 minutes to give it time to find satellites. No...
  3. Steve Shead

    Advanced R/C Lost Connection @2000ft Away

    08/29/15 - Interesting flight today - went to a new location (less than 1/4 mile from last time) with a few more trees - nothing dense (Silicon Valley) - was flying to a point 2000ft away and the R/C lost connection. Along the way the "lost signal" flashed a couple of times. The bird went into...