ipad mini 4

  1. D

    Map Pilot won't finish a mission

    Hi. I have a brand new Phantom 4 Pro, and I use a Ipad mini 4 to fly it. I've updated firmware on the copter and in the controller. I've calibrated the IMU and done the compass calibration. I create a normal mission in MAP PILOT. The Phantom will take off, rise to the altitude I set, head to the...
  2. G

    P4P video glitch and green screen using I-Pad Mini

    Hello, I have a P4P with very few flights on it. I got her our of the case yesterday to do a photo shoot this morning, and after updating firmware and the DJI Go app, I dound the aircraft virtually unusable. It flies fine, but the video on the Ipad mini was freezing up, going to a full green...
  3. Fdnyfish

    Apple iPad Mini 3 WiFi & 4G LTE Verizon 64GB - Space Grey

    I have a iPad Mini 4 - 64GB - WiFi & 4G LTE (Verizon) , Space Grey In like new condition. Includes No Sim Card (they are free from a Verizon Wireless Store), or works fine with just WiFi. $350 Shipped Includes box and charger Includes Orange Smart Cover Includes free USPS Priority Mail (To...
  4. T

    Use of DJI GO blocked by SkyPixel login?

    I've been using DJI Go happily with an Ipad 4 Mini for over a month with what was the latest version but today The DJI Go screen was blocked on start-up by a login request with no specifics that turned out to be from SkyPixel. Since I was logged in to the Phantom 3 with no internet in the...

    iPad Mini 4 with Wi-Fi + HotSpot

    I am thinking about getting the iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi only and using the HotSpot from my iPhone 6 Plus to use on one of my P3Pro. Has anyone done this with success? Or is the cellular version that important? Also, has anyone had any problems with it overheating?
  6. PeteyGoesToUtah

    iPad Mini 4

    I just got an iPad Mini 4, and started using that instead of my Note 4...omg what a difference. There's a park I fly at, that if I get near the fence line, my video starts lagging with the Note 4. With the iPad, it was smooth as butter past that. I've seen people asking about using iPads, so...
  7. R

    Breaking down our sunshades for Professional Drone Pilots and Aerial DOPs

    Hey guys just created a video that explains our line of Sunshades and helps you figure out what would be right for your needs. Check out all our shades and drone accessories at www.aerialdroneaccessories.com.
  8. K

    IPad Mini 4 tested on P3P

    Yesterday I received my new iPad Mini 4 from Apple. I was very curious about its performance with the P3P. I first tried the setup at home, on my desk, to see how the screen lag was doing. Not bad but you must switch on the hardware acceleration in the DJI Go app. Hardly any delay, a few tenths...