1. P

    P3A - GL300C - No Smartphone Connection

    Hi, after some days of trying to fix the issue by myself I now want to try it here:) I am thankful for every helping hand! Equipment: - Phantom 3 Advanced V1.11 - GL300C Remote (should be V1.9.3 but current Version is unknown) - Huawei P20 Pro - Android 10 / IPhone 7 - DJI Go 3.1.72 Problem...
  2. JoeCos

    Phantom 4 - GL 300C controller for Sale * * SOLD * * SOLD **

    SOLD * * * * * * SOLD * * * * * SOLD This is the original DJI controller that came with my Phantom 4 that I purchased from NewEgg about year and half ago. This is the GL300C controller - about 1.5yrs old, still in immaculate condition. Kept clean and always stored in my drone bag. I...
  3. N

    Which model remote controller comes with P4 Advanced?

    Since there's no Phantom 4 Advanced forum yet I need to ask here. Which model remote comes with the P4 Advanced? I know it begins with GL300, but what is the final letter or letters? I have the P4A Plus with built in display on the remote controller, model GL300E. I don't like it because...
  4. S

    Cyan colored led on P3A remote

    New to the forum and to the dji world So I just bought a used phantom 3 advanced, camera connected but did not fly. So I figured I should get everything up to date on firmware since the owner has not flown it in of 8 months. Well I thought I would start with the remote since the app said to...
  5. Zhafran

    RC Blinking Green

    Last night, after i update latest firmware, my RC shows "No SIGNAL" then i try to re-install my RC using the button by pressing (C1 + C2 + Rec button + Scroll panel).. after sometimes it not running the installation process then the Green LED change to blinking RED. Today i try using DJI GO...
  6. Noah Pierce

    Looking for stock antennas.

    My hardshell backpack case broke my antenna at the base.I thought about super glueing it.... but i don't think it will be able to rotate once glued... anyone have any suggestions? Or Potentially a stock antenna available?
  7. C

    P3P Controller Battery Voltages

    I have a P3P Controller (GL300C) that's refusing to charge its battery. Does anyone have a P3P controller battery (2s 6000mah) that could give me the voltages between the two pairs of wires? Mine is reading 7.5v from any red to any black. I was hoping I'd be able to get it connected to my...
  8. T

    DJI GL300 "C" "New"

    Selling a brand new DJI GL300 "C" controller lastest DJI version. $125 or Best Offer:D I will pickup the PayPal and shipping fees (lower 48 states);)
  9. T

    DJI GL300 "C" "New"

    Selling a brand new DJI GL300 "C" controller lastest DJI version. $150 to your door I will pickup the PayPal and shipping fees (lower 48 states)