1. tml4191

    DJI's New Stealth Mode

    DJI Launches Local Data Mode for DJI Pilot App - WeTalkUAV
  2. B

    How to Fly Phantom *2* in Restricted Airspace?

    Hi all, I am a licensed Part 107 pilot and I applied to the FAA for, and was recently granted (yay!!!), a waiver to fly in restricted airspace near a Class E airport. Having dealt with the FAA, now I need to figure out how to get my bird to actually fly there. :-( Since the Phantom 2 doesn't...
  3. B

    Any way to disable / override airspace failsafe geofencing?

    The current Phantom 2 firmware includes a function that automatically initiates a failsafe return-to-home when the GPS senses the Phantom is in controlled airspace (i.e., near an airport) and the craft climbs above a certain altitude (I think about 100 feet). Problem is, there are lots of cases...
  4. jp_flkeys

    Phone App & No Fly Zone

    I just got my P3P back from repair, it had the original firmware & of course they did the latest update for me, now I am restricted by Geo-Fencing where I wasn't before. I use a dedicated tablet for my P3P, NVidia Shield, I did not have a need for mapping or did I needing to know my location, I...
  5. M

    Couldn't fly today because of geofencing bug

    I tried to fly my P3A today and was unable to. There are now 2 authorization areas here where I live, where there used to be none. These areas aren't even registered on DJI's advanced authorization map yet, and so I have to get authorization on the spot using the DJI Go application in my iPad...
  6. C

    Phantom 4 GEO questions/concern

    I work with a rural community college that has its own runway for its aviation curriculum. We are in the process of expanding the curriculum and using the runway to include certification courses for small drones based on the upcoming changes proposed by the FAA rule changes and/or Congressional...
  7. byrne68

    Problem verifying telephone number with DJI for Geo System Unlocking?

    Hi everyone, Anyone else having issues trying to verify a phone number for the advanced unlocking ? The DJI system keeps sending me back to the map page when enter my cell number and try to proceed. Tried in several browsers, different phone number formats, not even an error message. Endless...
  8. WetDog

    Geofencing - sneaking under the wire

    DJI stated that they would implement 'Geofencing' by the end of 2015. So far, we've not heard a peep. But I have seen something that I presume is what they are leading towards in the 1.6 firmware. Kinda surprised no one else has commented. Perhaps the meds aren't as strong as they used to...