1. jephoto

    Want to Buy- Polar Pro ND filter set for P4P

    Hi gang. Looking to buy a set of Polar Pro ND filters for my Phantom 4 pro V2. And if not polar pro than any other good quality set of straight ND filters. I have a set of ND/PLs, but need some straight NDs for when I’m doing panoramic photos as well as video.
  2. D D S

    Ultimaxx 8pc Filter Kit for Mavic 2 Pro

    Ultimaxx 8pc Filter Kit for Mavic 2 Pro Only in $28 with free shipping DDS 908 378 9192 [email protected]
  3. biznitch15

    $10 cost difference (Polar Pro vs. DJI) Filters????

    DJI ND4, 8, 16 vs. Polar Pro 4, 8, 16 There's a cost difference of $10 overall. I have no experience with either one of these. I was recommended Polar pro by a close friend, but I heard the DJI's are also really good. Is the Polar Pro worth the extra $10?
  4. J

    Desperatly seaking ND filters for Osmo+ (X3)

    Hi guys, Im going on a trip and im desperatly trying to get hold of som ND filters (at least 16 and 32) for my newly bought Osmo+. They are completely sold out where i live (the entire country). Im traveling through Germany and Austria on this coming sunday and monday, do anybody have any...
  5. SharpShooter

    Advice on filters for P4P

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice. I ordered my new P4P yesterday and until it arrives, i thought i'd order a spare battery and a set of filters. The company i ordered the P4P from didn't have spare batteries for this model. I believe the battery from the P4 will fit but is...
  6. T

    Polar pro nd filters

    Hey, I just got my new Mavic pro, I'm really happy with this drone. But now i want to buy some nd filters from polar pro. But can't choose between the cinema vivid or the shutter set. I know in the vivid there wil be a nd4 and in the shutter there wil be a nd32 but i gonna buy one of them extra...
  7. jdwarren

    P4P Filters

    Hey all, With my P4P, turns out my P4 filters won't work on them. I live in Florida by the beach so filters are a must for me. I am stuck between polar pro's shutter vs vivid collection. The shutter collection are straight ND's to reduce SS, the vivid includes PL to reduce glare. I can't...
  8. Mike_in_Letcombe

    PolarPro Cinema Vivid Series for P4 (UK only). NOW SOLD

    I have an unused set of PolarPro 'Cinema Series' filters for a P4, including a case to store them in. These include the following: ND4-PL ND8-PL ND16-PL Cost £99.00 and included a free travel case. The filters are boxed in original packaging, there are also 3 x 'Polar Pro' carry bags which...
  9. E

    P4P Filters - DJI vs PolarPro

    Does anyone have any experience with the DJI filters vs the PolarPro? PolarPro has the polarized ND filters, but not sure I need that. PolarPro is a few dollars more, but I'd rather purchase on the side of quality. Also wondering if the Snake River P3 series graduated ND filters will fit over...
  10. D

    SOLD: Polarpro Cinema Series: Shutter Collection never used

    Have a set of cinema series filters here. Never used. Bought them for my P4 but then sold P4 to get mavic. Official Description Comes with polarpro case too! Asking $85, includes shipping in U.S.
  11. D

    POL + ND filters at the same time

    Hello. What can you suggest apart from gel filters - I need some classic filters (glass) but I need ND + POL filters at the same time. Are there filters that come ND+POL filters mounted at the same time? I saw PolarPro...
  12. A

    Phantom 4 in excellent condition - $799

    Had it for 3 months and probably flew for about 10 times. Comes with original packaging. I also have other accessories for sale which I will not need. 1. DJI Phantom 4 (with one extra battery) - $799 Link - Buy Phantom 4 with One Extra Battery | DJI Store 2. P4 battery - $60 Link -...
  13. Cactus Wren

    Polar Pro filters - bad glass on 1/good cust. service

    I bought a set of Polar Pro's vivid series filters for my Phantom 4, and recently had one of them go really bad in a really strange way. There was some "crinkling" that appeared on the inside of the outer polarizer glass. From the photo you can see that it looks like some kind of weird...
  14. S

    Polar pro filters

    Just tried my new polar pro filters on the phantom 3 standard and they are a bit loose ! Filters look great and cut the tropical sun down nice but I'm afraid they are going to drop off and at $50 not cheap.Waiting to hear back from polar pro anyone else come across this problem ? Steve
  15. Richard24

    PolarPro filters a must have..

    I must have got my PolarPro filters ND16, ND32 and ND64. Great filters. Amazing.
  16. J

    Are ND filters necessary?

    I've had my Phantom 4 for about a week now and absolutely loving it, however I'm going to start using it to film some more important footage now and want to make sure it's capturing the best possible quality video. Are ND filters necessary? And if so, how cheap can you get away with buying them...
  17. S

    My Loss (Literally) your gain....

    As some of you know I lost my P3A last week in a flyaway. At this point and time I do not have the cash to replace it and quite honestly don't know when I will. That being said I have a bunch of stuff that I am looking to part with. All of these items are literally LESS THEN 1 month old. I have...
  18. Richard24

    Filters help

    If anybody uses filters for their P4, can tell me a good set to buy. Thank you.:cool:
  19. E

    Phantom 3S camera filters

    I am looking for camera filters that can be used on the P3S. I purchased some from Amazon but when I installed them they were too heavy. The camera cannot stay upright. I went back and read the reviews and many others had the same problem. I should have read the reviews first! LOL Anyway...
  20. L

    Installing filters on Phantom 3 Standard

    Hey everyone, today I received the filters I ordered from Phantom Filters in the mail for my Phantom 3 Standard. They're supposed to be specifically for the P3S, but all of the installation directions online and in the manual that came with the filters explain that I must unscrew the UV filter...