1. tml4191

    Anybody else getting problems with video files after the latest firmware?

    My mp4 h.265 file won't load properly onto vegas 14. I have to manually import it through the option unlike all the other videos that can just go in by dragging and dropping. Here's the thread on DJi's forum: Did the new firmware affect mp4 files? It doesn't load onto vegas... Is anyone else...
  2. Blessed77

    Audio For Editing

    Hey gang, Audiojungle!
  3. L

    Standard Blurry video footage

    I recently purchased a P3 standard and after recording a few videos I can't get any to play back on my galaxy s7 without being blurry. Clear footage on macbook but how can I edit and watch on phone at good quality? Have tried watching after uploading to YouTube but still blurry
  4. Paulie1340

    Video editing on iPad or lap/desktop?

    So I'm looking at upgrading my iPad Mini(1) which does not meet Litchi specs to an iPad Mini 4. I have a choice of 32GB or 128GB of storage. I'm thinking... if I had the 128GB of storage what would I use it for and the only drone-related/P3S/Litchi reason I can think of is possible video...
  5. DroneOnNDP

    What Is Your Favorite HDR Method & Post-Processing Software?

    Curious what everyone's favorite HDR method is: Camera settings: 3 shot / 5 shot / manual? How you set up your AC in the air: anything specific you do etc. to rock the shot? What's your favorite post-processing software? Anyone have an awesome workflow they'd like to share? I typically like...
  6. J

    This is becoming addicting...

    I've owned my P4 for around 6 months now and I'm loving what all this bird can accomplish and can't the PhantomPilots community enough for their guidance and support with any and all questions that I've had. Truly y'all are awesome. So I figured I'd try and show with the community what I've been...
  7. pepperonipizza

    My first P4 movie

    Hey drone family! I recently went on a trip down to Chile and made my first movie on my P4. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my game. I would appreciate the feedback!
  8. Nick Wenzel

    WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - 2nd YouTube video up

    Hi all, Tell me what you think of my new yt vid and subscribe for more. :) Cheers, Nick
  9. D.Bennett

    Got any original footage? RAW, D-LOG, etc...

    Does anyone have any original untouched footage straight from their drone that you have uploaded anywhere available for download? Or know of a site to get some? I'm sharpening my editing skills, both color correction/grading and full post production. Looking for something like the video below...
  10. GhostRdrTat

    Lots to learn

    So I know I've got lots to learn lol, this is only the second video I've attempted to put together, I have zero knowledge on how to use video editors and how to set up the camera on the phantom etc. I'm getting pretty comfortable with litchi but other than that when it comes to the filming ...
  11. D.Bennett

    Addicted to Aerial!

    Hey ya'll Daniel here from Houston, TX. Early this year I took an interest in aerial footage. Now I'm full blown ADDICTED! I've had the chance to fly the Phantom 4 several times and am saving for my own investment; maybe the P4 Pro. I'm interested in taking this amazing hobby to the next level...

    Phantom studio editing in a backpack - budget filming

    I wanted to share how I film locations on a limited budget and upload to YouTube in a few hours using my equipment. It may give you ideas or you may give me advice. The following is my work footage to show you what I capture. The second is my portable kit. Feedback good or bad is helpful as...
  13. I

    Special effect footage Litchi

    Hi Guys I thought I would share some experimental footage I took a couple of week ago using Litchi. It's my first time posting here I hope I've put this in the correct place.
  14. M

    Videos imported to Resolve/Hitfilm/others very grainy...

    Hey Everyone! So I've been trying to edit my videos so I can share them with my family. However, I've been struggling for two reasons: 1) Whenever I import videos taken on my P3P to ANY program I have tried, it looks extremely grainy and lags horribly. The videos I'm importing were shot at 4k...
  15. R

    OK what software do I use or have to buy?

    So have transferred my video to my PC Windows 8.1. Looks amazing - well to me anyways :) What software do I use to edit it with? For kicks, I loaded it up with Movie Maker and the resolution was absolutely horrible - as opposed to playing it with VLC. Simple but yet decent beginner editing...
  16. D


    Hello, I am new to drones and editing but I have definitely found my new favorite hobby of all time. Also, it has given me a new business opportunity. Constantly I have requests from people to film their land or event. The problem is, I can't seem to be able to edit a video on the DJI pilot app...
  17. lumbra9foto

    How long does it takes to render and export videos from P3P?

    I'm just curious about it, this past 2 days I've being recording, last night I sat and started editing, when rendering it said that would last 4 HOURS! I don't know if it takes that long to render (1080 60fps) a 4 minute video with color correcting If you have suggestions on how to edit and how...
  18. D

    android app for adding music to video

    Hi everyone Does anyone know any apps that let me add my own music to videos on Android? Found a couple but they decrease the video quality which i dont want. Thanks ! Doyle
  19. P

    Phantom and Gopro checking out fence building

    I finished up the corner part of my fence and setup my gopro and had the Phantom II + hover for most of the shots. I also had a couple of shots taken with a regular camcorder. The multiple cameras gave me a chance to edit with "multicam" feature in FCP.