1. T

    Photo Time Stamp P4P+

    Is there a way to add a Date and Time stamp to photographs after I’ve already taken them?
  2. Chameleon99

    Where to find samples of 4K vid I can use to test PC

    Hey Folks, Wondering whether my current PC will handle editing 4K footage... so figured I'd give it a few test runs... I would be grateful for any suggestions on where I might find some sample 4K aerial vid files to download and use? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  3. Green Phantom

    Speed Ramp TUTORIAL - cool editing transition for your vids

  4. S

    Using Lightroom to colour grade and edit video

    Does anyone use Lightroom to colour grade videos? I found several videos on Youtube showing how to do it (search on "Lightroom CC - Working with DSLR Video" for a good one from Julienne Kost but there are many out there) and the thing that amazed me was being able to take a frame of the video...
  5. Green Phantom

    Top 5 Editing Tips - Video Editing Tutorials

    Let me know what you think of this, any good, will it help you, will you use any of these tips. Or what else would you like to see. Dont be shy ha. Cheers for watching Andy
  6. brokenprops115

    Dolly Zoom Effect (Vertigo Effect) Without After Affects??

    Hi, I recently have been looking into a way to achieve the Dolly Zoom Effect with my P4A. I know what I need to do with my drone, but I have no way to edit the footage. I realize I can do it with After Effects, Vegas, Final Cut, etc. but I really don't want to spend a ton of cash on a software...
  7. Lindsaybev

    Shooting / Editing / Exporting ....video questions, Oh My

    I am hoping that some of the video gurus can help this noob. I really would like to make the best videos possible for my small business. I am using the P4A drone. I understand that it is best to double the shutter speed from my fps. I understand to keep the ISO down to 100 as best I can...

    BEST EDITING SOFTWARE DEMO - after 3 years I use this

    Hi, I am going to make some videos about the software editing I use, Its cheap and great for any drone pilot. I struggled in the earlly days with windows movie maker. etc. I hope you get some info from my attempts of editing. best
  9. Green Phantom

    ENHANCE your Photos!

    Hi Everyone. In this tutorial i am going to show you a Fast and Simple technique to make your photos really Shout and stand out from the crowd.
  10. JTC Films

    Need fellow flyer feedback on video!

    So I just finished my first wedding video and wanted to share it with you and get some feedback! Unfortunately I didnt get to stage any shots or get many romantic drone shots or good staged slo mos, but I definitely will be in the next one. Please lmk any tips or tricks you can think of to make...
  11. Green Phantom

    Final Cut Pro x Cinematic Look Tutorial

    Hi everyone Had a few people mention to me on here and my Youtube channel that they like the look of my videos and would like me to do a How To video, so here we go. I have done a stage by stage on how i get my look when editing. Hope fully it helps some of you. Comments and any future...
  12. B

    Video Editing

    First of all...whoever created this forum for Phantom enthusiasts should be commended! This forum is MUCH better than DJI's "official" forum!!! Now then, on to my question... I consider myself to be efficient when it comes to editing audio files and still-frame slide shows and presentations...
  13. furthertofly

    HDR workflow on the P4 Pro

    Redrocks and More.... | DJI Phantom Drone Forum Most of the above shot with 3 frames at 2 EV intervals, exposures changed manually which takes a bit less than ten seconds. Camera in Truecolor, aperture priority, 200 iso, auto white balance, neutral sharpening/contrast/brightness. DNG files are...
  14. PastaCore

    Hi From Hoylandswaine

    I am brand new at drone flying, although I used to fly RC Helicopters over 30 years ago, or should I say crashed RC Helicopters, no gyro's, nothing in those days. I am interested in the photography side of the hobby, being a retired photographer, I am looking for advice on Video editing.
  15. N

    HIGHEST MOUNTAIN in Portugal - DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I continue experimenting with creating engaging travel videos. This one is about a recent trip I took in the north of Portugal leading up to the highest mountain in the country. Aerial shots were filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Footage was edited and color corrected / graded in Final Cut...
  16. J

    Premiere Pro CC and 4k h264 not getting along at all

    I have copied some 4K 60fps clips onto a local hard drive to edit in the very latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro and the playback issues I am encountering are making editing impossible. My machine is an Intel i7. Video card is Nvidia 1060 6gb version. 64 gigs of RAM. Windows 10 Pro 64 OS...
  17. I

    Dji Phantom 3 standard Editing Software

    hello, I am new user here on the forum and i was wondering what is a good editing software (For free) I've been kinda pulling my hair on these video editing softwares and i cant seem to find any good free ones that format dji videos. Also i am on windows 7 64-Bit
  18. Green Phantom

    Improve Your Footage with a CPL Lens/Filter

    Hi I have done a review of a CPL lens/filter for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But you could get this type of lens for any Phantom. This was something i have been advised to buy a few times to help aid the camera when facing toward the sun to reduce the glare. This may be of interest to others...
  19. Skyler King III

    Adding a better sky when there is not a flat horizon, like trees etc

    How do I add a "better" sky when there is not a flat horizon, like trees etc I see most videos show how to add it where there there is a more or less flat horizon. Any help appreciated
  20. archetipo

    8K HDR Phantom 4 Pro Workflow

    Workflow: Original 4K H265 100mbps Phantom 4 Pro Exported every frame in EXR and processed in HDR with SNS HDR PRO and saved in TIFF Imported tiff sequence in Photoshop and camera raw filter, then exported in mov uncompressed Mov upscaled to 8K with Video Enhancer and saved in uncompressed...