1. Lolorek

    drifting away although calibration is successfully done

    hi Pilots what can it be, my calibration is well done, the GPS signal there, 12 satellites present but the drone still drifts away with the wind Regards Michael
  2. Lolorek

    my DJI 2 vision plus drifts slowly away although GPS on

    Hi I noticed that my Phantom 2 vision plus drifts away although my GPS signal is on and the green lights are slowly flashing. How can this be? I tried however to calibrate the compas but somehow I don't get the yellow light (iluminationg constant) not on. No matter how often I switch the S1...
  3. Araya38

    Phantom drifting down

    Hey flyers. So I took one of my phantom 3 standards out today and I noticed as I was flying away from me in the forward position it started drifting down towards the ground. I tried it once at 50’ height and once at 100’ high. Both times it slowly drifted to the ground. I did notice on the...
  4. I

    GPS signal losing

    Hello everyone! I'm flying with my Phantom 4 advanced and enjoy it very much. However last couple flights were not successful and I almost lost/crashed my drone. Because of GPS signal that was losing after around 15 seconds of flight, the the Phantom 4 was switched into ATTI mode and no...
  5. Jonathanr007

    P4P+ Misbehaving - Help - Solved Remove gimbal guard

    I recently upgraded from the Mavic Pro (series 1) to the Phantom 4 Pro+. The Mavic was extremely easy to learn to fly and extremely stable, even in relatively high wind situations. However, the Phantom is much more difficult to fly. It drifts ALL THE TIME, even in Tripod Mode when there is no...
  6. ijacobs3

    ADHD mode enabled?

    Hi Guys, I got my Phantom 4 roughly a month ago, and up until tuesday, it was a well behaved little drone, but now, it looks like it might need some Ritilan or something, as it cant sit still :( Attached a a link of a video of it hovering in NO wind ( all thats happened since Tuesday is a...
  7. N

    Drone is drifting.... HELP

    I browsed quickly in here and didn't see a solution or the exact same description, so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat question.... I have not flown my Phantom 3 Pro in a few months. I had sent it out to DJI and they replaced the camera control board (I think that's what they...
  8. Paul55

    New P4P Not Holding in P mode?

    Hi... I upgraded to the P4P recently, updated all firmware software etc. Ipad mini 2 and using DJIGO 4 .....the drone fades and floats around not holding position in GPS mode. I love all the new features however a little nervous to go very far if this continues. Suggestions Please ?
  9. C

    Phantom 4 Drifting and Crashed

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my Phantom 4 drifting. The last time I flew it it was drifting around which is very strange because it typicaly was so stable and solid. Today I calibrated the compass and set the home base on my garage pad where I have flown several times before without any...
  10. Braccodog

    Unstable: GPS Woes

    I just got my Phantom 2 back from DJI who replaced the 2.4 receiver. I can't calibrate: keep getting yellow flashes. When connected to the Assistant, it will not show "GPS Mode", but defaults to "Normal Flying". Now when I switch to Naza Mode, I get one green + three red flashes when...
  11. S

    Drifting Problem Indoors Phantom 4

    I've noticed that occasionally when I start my Phantom up inside my work shop that often times it hovers perfectly in place and other times it tilts (usually forward) and takes off flying at a walking pace. It is never locked onto GPS indoors (steel building) but why would it decide to take...
  12. A

    P3P - Horizontal Drift

    Ive been flying my bird for a couple of months now and Iove it. Unfortunately, when I'm hovering and regardless of height, its starting to drift slightly - like I'm touching the controls ever so slightly. Ive calibrated the IMU on a flat surface as I thought it could be a flight control issue...
  13. T

    P3P drifting problem... Help, please!

    Hey guys. My P3P drifts to the right quite a bit when flying straight forward or backward. It seems to hover in place without an issue, but won't seem to fly in a straight line. I calibrate the compass before each flight session, and have calibrated my IMU and done an RC stick calibration as...