1. Dji_Coert

    I've downgraded my AC&RC : confused:

    Hey everyone, I'm confused because I did something that shouldn't be posible🤷🏼‍♂️ I just installed another RC main board because I damaged my old one when installing the Argtek antenna. This time it went well haha, so I opened the DJI Go app and thought lets check the firmware etc. By pressing...
  2. G

    P3S, RC stuck on FW 1.7.90, CANNOT UPDATE, STUCK ON 1.7.90

    Hi guys, I never once had a problem with my P3S up until its recent 1.9.20 update. I updated via wifi and everything seemed to check out ok. After updating I tried to do a flight but I could not get the AC to connect to the remote. Link indicator lights were both red on the AC and the RC. Tried...
  3. A

    P3 Firmware Which is the safest firmware version on P3 Prof AC / RC / APP?

    Hi everyone... Please, someone, who has experience in the firmware versions, please help me, and explain me something... I read a lot of things about the firmware... My new P3 Prof will arrive tomorrow. This is my 3rd. The first was the seller's mistake, 2nd was frobably FW error, and this is...
  4. Maahi

    Phantom 4 Problem after Downgrading from v2.0.106 to v1.2.503

    Got some serious issues on flight stability and gimbal movement on my P4 after updating to latest version (ie v2.0.106) so I tried to downgrade v1.2.503, but no official option available on Assistant 2. Then I used DUMLdore to flash FW and it's successfully downgraded, and I got butter smooth...
  5. A

    P3 SE - solution to switching between FCC and CE mode, I used both, and it works for sure!

    Let me start the long story short... The P3SE's, depends on where did you buy it from, can have 2 factory settings, the FCC and the CE by default. The range of this bird in CE mode is around 5-600m (not urban area obviously). FCC mode takes you 2-3km away, depends on... I was 2km away with...
  6. E

    AC Firmware 1.10.90 needed

    I am 99% sure that if I downgrade from 1.11.20 to 1.10.90, then I will be back in business. There is more about this in my other thread ---->> P3P Gimbal Dial Stopped Talking to Bird , Where can I find the .bin file for 1.10.90? I really wish I had archived the upgrade steps that I've taken so...
  7. B

    P3 Firmware P34K. Previous version of firmware before v1.6.50

    Hi! How i can download previous version of firmware before v1.6.50 for P34K? Becouse i can`t find it on original dji website or on any another sources... Please help!
  8. M

    Firmware issue

    Hi all, Hoping you can be of more assistance than DJI support were! I stupidly updated the RC firmware before doing the phantom. The phantom needs firmware upgrade too but because I did RC first, I can't do it from DJI go4 app (apparently?). For some reason I can't get connected via DJI...
  9. Cameronb1

    P3 Firmware How to downgrade Standard Firmware using the new go app? (FW 1.7.9 nightmare)

    Hi all, After upgrading my Phantom 3 Standard to 1.7.9 a few weeks ago, i took my phantom out of its case today as i finally had time to fly. I now have a range of about 80 meters :( thanks to the new firmware, and before i upgraded i could get to about 1.4 km with it (with Magic Range software...
  10. Roi

    Need files for RC firmware downgade

    Hello, I like to downgrade the firmware of theRC of my P3S from 1.6.8 to 1.5.7 because of the range problems. Unfortunally I deleted the firmware cache of my DJI GO app... :-( In this thread I learned a bit about this procedure. I kindly ask you for files you might have left on you DJI GO...
  11. C

    P3S with 1.6.80 - Upgrade or Downgrade?

    Hi, I got my P3S second hand, for a good price (about 600$ SH, was 800$ new) with a extra battery. It had only 3 months and a half. I bought it 3 days ago. It still has warranty, bought from a local dealer. It came with 1.6.80 and it only flew 30m high and 100m away, before it was lagging...
  12. M

    rc downgrade!

    Hi i would like to know how to downgrade the rc and aircraft due to a no signal problem! Thank you for all the help!!
  13. C

    Downgrade RC from 1.6.0 to a earlier

    Is there a way to downgrade the RC firmware from the 1.6.0 to a earlier version? And if could, is a earlier version available somewhere yet? I think the 1.6.0 is where the RC tx power was reduced
  14. WRXJIM

    Restoring 2.8.1 on you iDevice - Steps

    Just for those that have issues with the backdate of the DJI Go app on your iDevices. I could barely fly in the same place I always fly today because the video feed was so bad. I came here to where I had seen OVT post a link to a video on how to download an older version of an app. I was...
  15. T

    P3 Firmware How to downgrade via DJI Go App

    Hi, this has probably been covered but plenty of people are asking; In the DJIGo app, press and hold the 'Academy' link......up pops a downgrade option!!!! I have made a really poor slideshow-- hope it helps someone
  16. wlkngmachine

    4k > 1080p crazy moire!? Help!

    Everyone says that shooting in 4k and then downgrading to 1080p gives you a better image than shooting directly in 1080p, but when I change the sequence settings in Premiere to downsample my 4k 23.976f/s to 1080p 23.976f/s it gets super blurry and there is a ton of moire!! what am I doing...
  17. A

    Phantom 3 Standard Firmware Download

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can download the Firmware for the Phantom 3 Standard in order to downgrade? I have a gimbal issue and think it may be due to the firmware It isnt on the DJI website. I noticed that they have it for the Advanced and Professional but not for the Standard. Thanks...
  18. K

    DJI Phantom 3 RC firmware 1.5.7 downgrade

    DJI transmitter firmware 1.5.7 downgrade Do you know the downgrade method? I cannot use litchi app 2.3.1 I am in trouble will be unable to use the litchi 2.3.1 to update the transmitter
  19. S

    Downgrade to 1.8

    Hello All, I'm just within 5 miles of an airport (4.2 miles), but not under the single runway's line of approach or departure, so a recent upgrade capped my ceiling at 130 feet. I'm considering downgrading to 1.8 in order to address a NFZ issue in my area. I see there have been several posts...