dji phantom 4

  1. RPP

    Canacona Bliss

    Photos and details in my blog post.
  2. A

    WTS DJI Phantom 4 PRO $1100

    Quadcopter DJI Phantom Pro - DJI Phantom Advanced DJI Phantom 3 pro DJI Phantom 3 4K DJI Phantom 4 DJI Phantom 4 PRO DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Drone - Remote Control with integrated Screen Available in Stock Contact Call 0015797913520 Whatsapp +601135441383 Email : [email protected]
  3. S

    First flight with the DJI Phantom 4

    Hey guys... I just added a DJI Phanotm 4 to my fleet. Here is a video of my first flight
  4. manutdrutvik

    Aerial Shot-Sunrise India

  5. RPP

    The Boatman

  6. RPP

    Valagjá - short video

    More in my blog post - Valagjá Revisited
  7. crashmaster333

    New drone fanatic

    Hello drone family, I am a DJI crazed fanboy just dropping in on day one to say hi. My interests are my Phantom 4 pro and I am upset I did not the get Obsidian edition..but the 5 will come out soon enough. Besides flying locally I just recently started a Youtube channel hopefully teaching us...
  8. Z

    Any Children in this Forum??

    I am a 13 Year Old boy living in the United States. I have a P4A. Was wondering if there are any kids in this Forum.
  9. B

    Like New Lykus Backpack for Phantom 4/3/2 for sale

    Used only once with P4. Then I got the smaller Mavic. This is a great backpack that can fit all P4 necessities. Here's the link I bought at Amazon...
  10. PhantomWetSuits

    Why Phantoms sometime Fall out of the sky !

    The best way to show you why this happens is to just demonstrate it using a brand new Phantom 4 Pro that i am setting up for a client. The firmware is set to : V01.04.0602 . This can happen when shifting into sport mode. This can happen when coming to a quick halt This can happen when...
  11. C

    DJI Matrice 100

    I'm selling my Brand new DJI Matrice 100 that is still in the box, factory sealed. I won from a raffle but have no intention in using it. Message me and a price can be negotiated. $2500 OBO
  12. G

    Help! Phantom 4 Pro wont fly straight or camera is crooked.

    Hi. I have a brand new phantom 4 pro that I got as a replacement. My old drones camera was crooked. When I take videos I cannot get the video to look straight, yet when I hover it in front of me the camera is straight? Any ideas? (During tap fly it doesn't appear to fly straight either) Thanks!
  13. L

    P4 pullback shot that you haven't seen yet - A must learn

    Hello guys just sharing my video here. Hope you like it. Thank you. 1st video: 2nd video in the same place with small tutorial:
  14. A

    Drones, Jeeps, Toyota trucks and desert

  15. Q

    TRADE DJI Phantom 4 plus extras for camera

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 with a DJI backpack and an extra battery. Everything that normally comes with the quad is also included. I am in Houston but am also willing to ship if you have a good trader rating. I would love to trade it for a nice camera (an upgrade to my canon t3i) such as a 5d mark...
  16. Capitan Bastos

    Oslo opera house

  17. HeadshotDeluxe

    Greetings, Just got a new Phantom 4...

    Great to meet everyone virtually. Just jumped onto the Phantom bandwagon. My previous milestone was a 3DR. Still to take the first flight, spent the evening with some Ommegang beer while opening and setting up updates and the new DJI 4 app. Drop me some tips and suggestions. I hope to chat...
  18. AngelPilot4u

    Manual Phantom 4 Pro now in web format

    User Manual Phantom 4 Pro now in a more flexible format, web format, and mobile friendly. Link >> Phantom 4 Pro / Pro Plus User Manual
  19. M

    Exploring Castle Ruin in Scotland - Cinematic HD

    So on our way back home and we came across a majestic castle ruin east of Scotland, it was the perfect day to fly, no wind and clear sky, so it was time to unleashed the Mavic! the Phantom 4 Pro shortly followed the footstep of Mavic. Do please enjoy this mini cinematic footage shot from above.
  20. William Masters

    DJI Go 4 Android Ap...& FPV (Yuneec Skyview) Taking Pictures?

    All, Is it possible to take pictures manually by assigning a preset using the C1 or C2 buttons on the bottom of the P4 Controller, or some other function that I'm not aware of. While using my Skyview FPV Goggles and trying to use my Galaxy Tab 3 to take a Picture is almost impossible...