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  1. S

    Dji Go App and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

    Hello I am facing a problem with Samsung galaxy tab 4, from first day I'm using Vivo Y 71 its working very good. now I purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for large screen view .... App installed correctly ....detect drone Ok ......but when show Camera view its only black screen appears...
  2. P

    Camera not available on djigo app next day, no green/red light on camera

    Owned Phantom 3 pro since inception. All of a sudden, about 3-4 weeks ago, my dji go app does not recognize my camera. Flew and photographed the day before without any issue day, no camera on iPhone 6 (which I have always used with remote). Everything else works ...I can even...
  3. C

    flight simulation

    As I'm a relative newbie, you might think this is a silly question. I want to get some practise with the flight simulation on the DJI GO app. I click on SIMULATION & get "simulation failed. aircraft is not connected" I have the app & controller & aircraft switched on, so I assume I have to...
  4. New Phantom Owner

    Can 2.7k video be Streamed via OTG Cable?

    Trying to upload 2.7k video to my mobile device. No problem doing so with so card direct to computer although then I have to use other non dji editing software. I would like to be able to edit the high resolution video on my mobile device using dji go app. Can this be done using the OTG cable...
  5. Lindsaybev

    Is POI available for P4A?

    Is the P4A DJI Go app different from the one to the P4P? Am I not allowed to use the Point of Interest orbiting mode in my P4A app? That seemed like such a cool feature.
  6. SimonJC

    A bit odd - DJI Go App

    Hi all, I've flown without any issue now for a month and the last two flights have been a bit problematic. I haven't performed any thorough tests as of yet (as this has only just started happening) but... Flight 1 - 1st battery worth of flying (22 mins) all ok, landed ok, everything fine...
  7. H

    DJI Go App Removal and Replacement on iPhone

    Is there any way to COMPLETELY remove the DJI Go (not Go 4) app from my iPhone SE and reload a virgin copy from the App Store and not the Cloud? After I upgraded the iP's iOS, I began having all sorts of problems with the Go App, like not holding settings, not operating parts of the hardware...
  8. Stevo0596

    Update for DJI GO App (P3)

    Hopefully I haven't created an unnecessary thread. I did try and check. The App Store is advising me there is an update waiting for the DJI GO app. While the explanation is that this update fixes a bug that prevented sound from being recorded when shooting 1080p 60 fps video with OSMO Mobile...
  9. S

    DJI Go App will not go to Camera Mode

    I have a relatively new Phantom 3 Professional as I have flown it less than 6 times. I received a notice via my app that I needed a firmware update. I downloaded the latest firmware (v1.11.20) and installed per the SD card. Since then I have not been able to get the remote, P3P and DJI Go app...
  10. H

    Phantom4pro+ DJIgo app sign-in stuck... says "no internet connection"

    I am just getting used to the pro+ monitor and DJI Go app. Just to point out this is the built-in monitor on the controller. I accidentally signed out of the DJI Go app so I tried to sign back in. Everytime I enter the email and password I get the prompt "no internet connection, check...
  11. Chuck1906

    DJI Go App giving false info...

    Just wondering if this is normal but I just updated my firmware and Go App to the latest update about 2 weeks ago now. I went flying to a location down the street from my house and I checked the airspace with Skyvector and the area is Class G and Class B starts at 3,000 feet. When I fired up the...
  12. T

    Samsung Tab A (2016) DJI Go App Issue

    I was having a heck of a time trying to find one of my devices that could view the live downlink from the my new-to-me P3P and had GPS built in. I finally realized I'd bought a Samsung Tab A for some work stuff not too long ago! Huzzah! It's listed on the approved devices list and everything...
  13. wawakool

    Phantom 3 Pro Firmware v1.10.90 update Successful tips Shared !!!

    Hello friends. I had update my phantom 3 pro with the latest firmware and i wanted to share with you how i do it. Little issue observed and how i correct it after reading many things on internet. 1. classic stuff. Download the firmware, format micro sd card (fat32) and copy the bin file on...
  14. SoCalDude

    DJI GO v3.1.1 Released for iOS (2016-12-05)

    DJI GO v3.1.1 was released today for iOS. I'm not sure about Android, but I would assume it was available before the Apple app store released this.
  15. N


    can the autopilot app be used in place of the DJI go app ??? as I cannot used the DJI go app on my iPhone 5.
  16. H


    hey guys ..I purchased my P3pro about a few weeks ago and crashed it on the first day (i know, sucks right smh).. after observing my aircraft after the crash I noticed that the camera and gimbal had been broken and that a few cables had been split also. long story short, I purchased the...
  17. F

    DJI Go App - Android - LG G4 - Tutorials/Sim not working

    Have you guys are experiencing problems to run the simulator? No there is three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen that shows another menu Scan QR / Tutorial. But I can select none of them. So, I can not run simulator/tutorials. Someone having the same problem? It is working...
  18. D

    DJI GO App

    Hello everyone I am a complete novice in flying drones (I literary got a Phantom 3 Standard as a birthday present last week). My drone is still in its box. The reason for that is that when I tried to download the DJI GO App, I really got put off by the atrocious reviews about the latest updated...
  19. P

    I was wondering will I be able to view my phantom 3 standard on 2 devices simultaneously

    I was wondering will I be able to view my phantom 3 standard on 2 devices simultaneously using the go app on both my phone and tablet. I have an iPad and iPhone. Even tough I usually fly with my phone, I want to use my ipad for other people to see the shot before I take a photo of it so we all...
  20. T


    Hello to the community We just purchased a Pantom 4 and started practicing on it in order to make some filmings in the end of the month we firt used a cheap tablet for the DJI GO app and noticed that the smoothness of the video transition does not exist. we also noticed that there are some...