1. sjp0eqt

    Dashware Create Video Error

    HELP . . . . Has anyone else got this error, using Windows7, when trying to Create Video from Dashware?
  2. X

    Dashware 1.9.1 + DJI P3P video @ 1080p60

    Im new to Dashware. After a crash yesterday I found dashware and started extracting logs and videos. To my dismay it wont export 60fps video. Error @ create video screen "Error Rendering in MediaFoundationMedia Foundation Error + -2147467259" I shoot everything at 60fps. Phone, Drone...
  3. M


    Not sure if anyone can help here but here it goes...I launch high altitude balloons with a gopro on it with a data logger. I'm trying to use Dashware to overlay my data but my data logger only records every 6 seconds. When I sync the video & data, the data is obviously 6 seconds faster than my...
  4. R

    Dashware .CSV error

    I'm trying to use Dashware. I exported the .CSV file from DJI GO using iTunes and saved the file to my computer, but when I try to add the data file I get an error regardless of what data profile I try (including Flytrex and Vision+). I'm new to Dashware and have searched but cannot locate info...
  5. B

    Dashware 1.7.37 w/ Windows 10?

    Is anyone successfully using Dashware V1.7.37 (latest version) under a Windows 10 build at or beyond the "Anniversary Edition" ? There's a lot of chatter out there that the Windows 10 "Anniversary Edition" update that came out mid 2016 broke Dashware's ability to render a preview of a MP4 video...
  6. S

    DashWare: How to change update rate of gauges?

    Hello! Does anybody know if it is possible to change the update rate of the gauges? Especially I want to slow down the update frequency of text-only gauges to being updated only each second or each 2nd second. Right now the numbers are changing 10 or more times per second, so that nobody will...
  7. flyNfrank

    flyNfrank's 66MPH and Dashware Gauges

    I finally got another P3 Flight Video put together, but without audio. There is several reasons for this video and it is not subject to just one reason. The video itself is one of my common Top Flight Speed missions where I just happened to reach 66.1mph on the 3rd of 3 total pass attempts...
  8. Angus Macsac

    Dashware telemetry overlay experimenting

    Messing around with Dashware and post editing of colour correction. I changed settings on camera to manual and adjusted sharpness -2, contrast -3, Saturation -2 and White Balance to 5000K then did post edit colour correction and overlayed telemetry using the DAT files from the aircraft converted...