commercial operator

  1. Kristina Fowler

    Businesses that use their own drones + in-house Part 107 pilot

    [P4P; Part 107 Aerial Provider] Here's the official FAA breakdown of total Part 107 licenses as of AUG01 (by region/state/county; updated monthly): Airmen Certification: Regional Active Airmen Totals Curious to get feedback from this forum as to how many businesses (as a percentage of total...
  2. J

    HI from Rosendale Lancashire UK

    Hi guys thanks for allowing me to join I'm a hobby pilot that is going on a commercial drone pilots course in a few weeks, any tips or guidance is always welcome my platform is a phantom 4, loving the freedom that flying gives me, as I've been retired from work due to ill health ( I have...
  3. B

    Stratux use with drone flights

    Hey guys, curious if anyone has used Stratux or similar ADS-B receivers for commercial drone flights. This would be just to see ADS-B equipped aircraft in the vicinity of my flights, to increase situational awareness of the surrounding airspace and possibly get a heads up on aircraft that may...
  4. T

    New to forum

    Hello All, I am new to this forum site and to DJI. I work as a professional UAS pilot in the survey industry, I am a certified Helicopter pilot and certified UAS pilot. We are currently switching over from the 3DR Solo UAV. The Solo has been an excellent UAV for user friendliness and open...
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Uncertified Rogue Commercial Drone Operators

    Not sure if this has been discussed. I went to a lot of time and trouble - plus $150 testing fee - to get my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate to be in the good graces of the FAA. I studied my butt off and made a 95% on the General Knowledge Test. Like many here, I intend to use Aerial...
  6. U

    Commercial Operations: What do you want to know?

    If you could sit down with successful commercial UAV operators, what would you ask them? What if you could talk with a guy that is out there earning money with his drone, what tips, information, questions etc would be most helpful to you as you start your own UAS business?
  7. U

    Hobbyist Turned Professional

    Hello everyone. I’ve been a hobbyist for years but I’ve since turned to the commercial world and thought I would start the conversation around the small UAS field for hobbyists turned pro. With PT 107 coming I think now is a great opportunity to get into the field and expect that with our...