1. M

    P E R U - A short drone and dslr edit of my trip to Peru. Spent months on it

    Would mean the world to me if you checked out the video, left your thoughts and any constructive criticism in the comments. I spent a month in Peru, Colombia and the Dominican republic with my family exploring and recording. Hope you enjoy. (Check out my channel for more) PS. Share it if you...
  2. IamWedge

    Winter's Beauty After A Blanket Of Snow

    I was talking to a guy the other day about how there has been a serious lack of snow this winter. I spoke to soon. We have had three bigger snow events since. There is another storm on the way for tonight.
  3. A

    Amazingly beautiful sunrise - 4K

  4. OOO

    Beautiful Winter

    Hi Guys, It's been exactly one year since I bought my first drone. Thank you all for your support, patience and encouragement. May the new year bring new hopes, new joys and new successes in your life's journey. This video is a little new year gift to you all! Please watch it in 4K or full HD...
  5. A

    2017 Epic Drone Compilation

    Hope you enjoy!!
  6. A

    Massive Cross - 4K

  7. A

    Hawaiian Honeymoon

    This video isn't completely drone footage, but some is so I thought I'd share it as I'm very proud of the way it turned out. Not sure if this post will last, but I hope it does as I did use my drone multiple times during the trip and during the edit. Hope y'all enjoy and would love feedback!
  8. A

    Wind Farm in Michigan - 4K

  9. S

    JAPAN 4K

    Please let me know what you think :)
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  13. M

    beautiful sunset from New York

    Its a short little video but the sky looks awesome If you wanna see more i dropped the youtube channel down below Mike Panio
  14. M

    "Breath Taking Video" of Hungary's Beautiful Capital, Budapest.

    Check out this video ive worked a lot on. Shows the breath taking views from Budapest!!! Shot on a DJI phantom 3 advanced, Check out my channel aswell, Milan Heal A sub for a sub? Enjoy,