battery life

  1. New Phantom Owner

    21min average battery life?

    So I have noticed when recording in 2.7k and flying at high altitude +400ft. I typically reach the critical 10% battery level in about 21minutes. I'm running a P3S with DJI Carbon fiber reinforced props and a few other irrelevant mods and I am curious what sort of battery life others are...
  2. L

    How to reset battery Capacity Phantom 4 Pro High Cap

    Hi Everyone, Just noticed something the other day with my P4P batteries. I have 2 batteries, both identical 5870 mah high capacity white labels. Recently I noticed the following stats in the DJI GO 4 app. Battery 1: 14 cycles, total capacity = 5908 mah Battery 2: 10 cycles, total capacity =...
  3. M

    Phantom 4 battery cooler

    Hello all! First off I'll make this statement, I am making this post in an attempt to help others out that own the Phantom 4 series of DJI quads, I don't make anything from this either it be money or anything else and there is no gain for me in any way except to help others out. I bought my...
  4. J


  5. L

    Battery p4pro cycles

    Hi, how many cycles with your phantom 4 pro battery 5860mAh? Now with 3 battery, I had work with 83 cycles ich
  6. I

    P4 Battery life

    Hi everyone, I fly my drone maybe twice a week as I am in school and have to devote my time to my studies but love to fly the P4 when I have the time. I am concerned about charging the battery as I am under the impression that the P4 battery has a 'life' to it almost where it sort of learns to...
  7. rpratali

    How to determine how much life remains in P3A battery?

    Hi All, Is there any way to determine how much life a P3A battery has left? I don't mean how much of the current charge is left. I though I read somewhere there was a stat on the DJI Go app that listed this information but I can't find it.
  8. Dimitar

    Is that decrease in mAh too big for 6 cycles?

    I recently got a new phantom 3 battery. It is my first battery ever and this is my first drone as well. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about maintenance of the battery and I have looked after mine very well and carefully. I have, by now, charged it 6 times to max capacity and flown it down to...
  9. Dramface460

    Battery discharging and storage question

    Hello P4 pilots, So I just called DJI about this question and got a kinda unclear answer. So should I discharge my batteries to 50 percent with that battery discharger DJI sells for 100 dollars or set the battery discharger to 2-3 days in the DJI Go app. I have 4 batteries. I do tend to use all...
  10. Gustavo Aguiar

    Battery lif vs real life span

    Hi guys I'd like some help about DJI P2 battery life. I have one that after 31 flights has 90% of life. I have read a plenty of articles and watched some videos about not flying bellow 90% of life, but I wonder if DJI wants us to buy more batteries or the battery is really almost dead. I have...
  11. M

    Battery life and date after deep cycle

    hi, Just wanted to report a couple of things I noticed after deep cycle/discharging my battery , down to 2% as per forum recommendations. As I was reaching around 25 and 35 battery cycles on my two batteries, I decided it was time for a deep cycle. I had a small deviation on the cells voltage...
  12. Noah Buscher

    8 Times Charged 98% Battery Life

    I have only charged my P3S eight times and yet the battery life is already down to 98% - I live in Iowa, and it's been quite cold, but I've only flown it under the recommend minimum temp once. I never store the battery at full charge (more like 50% - 75%). Any idea what might be going on...
  13. George J Zanatta

    Battery care P3 Pro

    I have read many posts on battery issues and I have questions that might sound basic but if any one would care to walk me through I would really appreciate it. My batteries have less than 10 charges. 1) What is the best level to keep them if I am not going to use them for some time? 2) How do I...
  14. G

    Sudden In Flight Battery Discharge

    I'm new to the forum and haven't figured out how to efficiently search yet for my battery issue so I apologize in advance if this is a redundant thread. My P2V+ recently started experiencing sudden in flight discharge of the battery causing it to begin a controlled descent. The P2V+ with check...
  15. J

    Battery Life ( I don not mean the capacity)

    Today Healtdrones shows me only 98% battery life. The battery was charged 45 times and calibrated 2 times (after 25 and 42 charging). What do you think, it is normal?
  16. Mario_SB

    Vision Positioning System: Battery Savings --- On vs Off

    Has anyone noticed any battery savings by turning off the VPS? I'm assuming any savings would probably be minimal but I've gone ahead and turned mine off since I'm not flying indoors. I'll report back any findings...
  17. brianld

    RC battery life for P2A/P2P?

    New P3A owner here ... let me just say the thing is awesome. My only regret is not getting one sooner, as I have a lot to play around with and learn about these things. Apologies if this one's been covered already, but what are some best practices for charging the RC? With my batteries, I've...
  18. E

    HealthyDrones / DJI Battery diagnostics

    I'm getting similar analysis to the picture below on one of my batteries from, but 100% "battery life" remaining (4 lights on the battery when I hold the button down for 5 seconds)...I'd like thoughts on how best to identify a battery that is going bad before your bird drops...
  19. S

    What are your average flight times?

    My P3P has been performing flawlessly, however, I am consistently averaging around 18-19 minutes of flight time per battery. I have three new batteries that I make sure are cared for. No crazy flying and conditions have been pretty good here in Pittsburgh. Low battery is set to 30% and I...