1. L

    Drone Advice Needed

    Hello, I am kind of new to drones, especially advanced ones. I have flown a few amateur, if you will, drones but nothing fancy. I am looking for advice on a specific task that I'm trying to achieve and I think drones will be extremely useful. I am trying to use a drone to fly over a...
  2. L

    Autopilot no fly zones

    I find Autopilot stops me flying when I am 16k away from minor airports. DJI Go is quite happy to let me fly so there is no geo blocking. An 800 square kilometer area round every small aiport covers most golf courses, ports etc that I would like to film. It seems like a programme fault because...
  3. M

    RTH settings still oversee drone when operating using Autopilot?

    I really like the Autopilot app and use it a fair amount. I also really like the fact that using the DJI app, I know that my done will RTH if it goes out of range and/or somehow loses connection with remote control. Will my drone RTH if, using Autopilot, I send it on a mission that...
  4. David Cooke

    Heretical Thoughts

    I'm a pilot AND a UAV operator so I'm expecting flack from BOTH SIDES! Twenty yrs ago, when Steve Jobs formulated the moniker “Think Different” the normal “ly” ending was dropped . . .to make a point. . . I assume. From Robin Williams portrayal in Dead Poet’s Society “We must constantly look...
  5. D

    New Project using Phantom 3

    Hi, I am new to drones and here is what I want to do: I want to do a POC for a retail company - that a package to be connected as payload to the drone by a store employee & he/she should be able to feed in the destination address in the drone. The drone delivers the payload in the destination...
  6. M

    Crash after Firmware update while using Autopilot

    I've had an unfortunate experience today following a firmware update. For a few days I've seen the DJI message regarding an update "next week". Today, upon starting up my phantom 4 pro the system stated a firmware update was required, which I proceed to do. After the update was complete I was...
  7. Jon Hobbs

    Hangar Autopilot - P3-4k Issues

    I posted this to Hangar support, thought I'd post it here in case someone has had similar experience. It involves using Autopilot with my Phantom 3-4k: Whenever I attempt to execute an automated mission, the Autopilot app goes into RC Override within 1-3 seconds after engaging. So far I've...
  8. M

    Autopilot Pano Mode Exposure Bands

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to Autopilot, so I'm assuming I'm missing something. In Pano Mode, I'm attempting to use Exposure Bands. (the function which allows exposure compensations to be applied to various rows of panorama exposures). When I set it up, and then go to "Frames", it shows the...
  9. D

    Autopilot - custom tile server

    @Hangar I'm trying to get a tile server working from mapbox using the following URL. This is a tile taken at zoom level 0...
  10. jofus

    First time Using Autopilot

    I figured I would share this quick "teaser" video I made for a realtor I am working with. I'm still working on the full version where I will include the listing information and longer shots, probably about 2-3 minutes. This gig is the first time I've used Autopilot, and I have to say, I'm quite...
  11. D

    Autoflight Autopilot issues on older iPhones?

    I had an issue I posted elsewhere with Autoflight Autopilot's Follow Me mode overshooting and oscillating when I stop: I suspected it was a software issue and contacted support (Autoflight, not DJI). They said it may be because my iPhone 5S doesn't have good enough performance for Autopilot...
  12. R

    P3S Autopilot - 60fps?

    Quick questions for anyone who has used the autopilot app with the Phantom 3 Standard. Will the app let you record in 60fps?
  13. Jammer

    Hanger 360 - Pano software

    Hi All I have been beta testing the new Hanger 360 app for doing panos. If you haven heard, Hanger 360 is a start up that recently bought the Autoflite Software company (who developed Autopilot) so I guess they are here to stay after acquiring that little gem. The pano app is basically a...
  14. D

    Litchi vs. Auto-Pilot

    Hello everyone, I am new here and looking for some help on a particular matter. As I understand it, with the Litchi app during a waypoint mission, there is no way to automate the Gimbal control once connection with the RC has been lost. I tried both interpolation and POI focus, but I've read...
  15. 3

    Autoflight logic autopilot recordings

    OK, I'm using a Phantom 4 with Auopilot by Autoflight logic. What am I doing that is "braindead"? I flew the mission no issues to speak of but find no recordings on the Ipad mini. No .tsv to retrieve..... Is there a recording setting I missed? Thanks
  16. respibob

    Flight with Autopilot app on Phantom 3 Standard

    I recorded my screen during the flight so I thought I would make a video about using the Autopilot app. Plus I wanted to play around with merging the two videos using iMovie.
  17. Nacho Man Brandy Cabbage

    Flying Panorama missions with Litchi possible?

    Hi there, I am wondering if it's possible to create a mission in Litchi missionhub that lets my P4 automatically take off, go to the certain height, fly to a certain point, take a spherical panorama and then return to home. I don't want it to record any video during the mission. Does anyone...
  18. M

    automatic gps flights with Phantom 2

    Hey! I want to know what's the best way to have a phantom 2 follow a path made of several control points but I keep finding people recommending Autopilot even though phantom 2 is not listed in his suitable hardware. There's no way I can get a newer-version drone :(
  19. S

    Drone to capture pictures at 4km distance

    Hello! I'm new here, thanks for running this great forum. I'm not very competent about drones, only used a few toys in the past. In order to check the state of an almond field, which is located at 4 km from my home, I need a drone that can fly autonomously from my home to the site at a given...
  20. egoldy

    New How-To Video On Autopilot's Pano Mode

    Everyone, Enjoy this latest video from the Autopilot How-To Series that will walk you through all the capabilities added with the latest release around Pano Mode and Panorama’s via Waypoint Actions. Autopilot How-To Video: Pano Mode As an added bonus, based upon customer requests, I...