2. F

    Getting into Drones with Agriculture

    I'm looking for information on what I need to get a side business going to use a drone to help out our local sugar beet farmers and possible Coors with the barely. I have a masters in GIS and am going to be getting a remote sensing graduate certificate soon. I just bought a phantom 4 v2.0 this...
  3. L

    Live agriculture drone use seminar

    I recently (late July 2018) was made aware of a live seminar being presented somewhere in or near Indiana concerning the use of drones in agricultural operations. I do not know where or when it is. Does anyone have any information concerning this? I will continue to search and post here when...
  4. flyover_intel

    Hello from Wichita... anyone nearby?

    Hello! I have been flying for 18 months and would like to meet other drone enthusiasts in the area. Currently I am using my drone for aerial photography and one day hope to expand into agricultural data. I share my photos on Instagram, @flyover_intel Happy flying everyone!
  5. Brandon

    Drones for Ag Discussion on CommercialDronePilots

    Hey all. We've launched a new forum dedicated to commercial drone applications. Join the ag discussion with drone pilots using all kinds of drone platforms here: Commercial Drone Pilots Forum
  6. russbarger

    Tablets that actually work for flying drones - livestock management

    Can you tell me what tablets exist which are close to the DJI Crystal Sky, when flying a drone for livestock or other agricultural applications? $800 for a tablet and bracket seem excessive. We are ranchers in western Nebraska who started our own drone company. The best time to fly a drone...
  7. P

    Calculating Workable acres

    Hey, everyone, looking a purchasing a Pro 4 to be able to calculate how many workable acres we have in each field, can I access this on the system platform or would I need an outside expensive software like drone deploy? Forgive me if it's a stupid question I am new to drones
  8. A

    NDVI Software

    An associate and I have produced single image NDVI software to be used in a greenhouse. We're wondering how it will work with a NIR camera on a drone. If anyone has a NIR camera on their Phantom and would like to send us a sample image it would be greatly appreciated. If the software is...
  9. BigAl07

    Phantom3 Pro - Possible Agriculture use??

    I'm researching some potential additional markets to dip into and Agriculture is of great interest to me. Until I can get a good feel for the viability of it in my area I'm not willing (or able) to invest in a dedicated Ag aircraft. While doing some research I ran across this statement and I'd...
  10. R

    Drone Volt ag drone at CES (video)

    Up to 50 lb payload, various spray widths & patterns.
  11. TangleMan

    Agricultural Drones

    First I should qualify myself as being very close to buying my first drone - registered for a 2-day training course at the end of the month and having zero experience flying drones. Earlier in life I did attain my private pilots license with a multi engine / IFR endorsement and have owned a...
  12. Captain drone king

    Anybody ever used a drone to find lost cattle, hourses, etc?

    Hey all! I've seen a few agricultural threads on here but not many. Just wondering if anybody has done that kind of work. I'm mostly thinking about finding lost livestock on BLM land. I live in western colorado and most my neighbors have cattle. During the summer they graze on public lands. My...
  13. O


    I am looking for ways to turn my drone flying into a promising sideline business. Does anyone have experience with these folks: Home | Agribotix I am in the early learning/research stages. I like the concept of flying over farms and helping farmers increase yields or protect their crops/trees...
  14. M

    Portland Area Commercial Flyers

    I have a lot of experience with GIS and remote sensing and would like to get into the commercial drone field for agriculture and mapping services. I was wondering if anyone in the area has had experience with this and would be interested in sharing some insight into how they got into it.
  15. J

    Check out this drones quiz!

    Hi Everyone, We’ve created a tricky quiz on the biggest drone-related stories which have been hitting the news! I thought that you guys might be interested to test your knowledge, you can take the quiz here: How Much Do You Know About Drones? Thanks, I’d love to hear how you get on!
  16. J

    Drones used in farming and conservation

    Just finished working on a piece focusing on how drones can be used in conservation and agriculture (among other things). We've covered some really interesting stuff, like how they can: -Fight Criminals -Save Avocado Trees -Help Farmers Survey their Land If you're interested, take a look...