1. J

    #DRONEON YouTube Channel

    Newbie here, but created a YouTube channel about a month ago and thought I would share my latest video! If you like the video, check out #DRONEON on YouTube.
  2. bradrun


    Ok i haven't seen any post to share everyone's youtube channel or videos so we all can watch each others videos as they post them. My channel is Brad Run. ADMIN EDIT: only post your youtube name and or link, no videos or other chat. Post your YT name only once. Do not post to others that you...
  3. trijeff

    St Pete Beach Florida Sunset

  4. M

    Phantom 4 Aerial Shots in Sweden, Juni. 2016.

    Hello guys! This is nothing special, just my first real video shot with my newly acquired Phantom 4 drone. :) Hope you like it, as much as I did making it.
  5. nkosi

    The Girl With The Magenta Sneakers

    Photographer: Nkosi Barrow Camera: Phantom 4 w/ ND4 Polar Pro filter
  6. France - DJI - A Different Perspective - YouTube

    France - DJI - A Different Perspective - YouTube

    An aerial view of the South of France with the help of a DJI Phantom 3. Please like, share and subscribe!
  7. nkosi

    Cutting Through Traffic by Nkosi Barrow

  8. nkosi

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

  9. Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Dogwood Challenge - Week 18 Artistic: Texture Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔ The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image. Camera - DJI Phantom 4
  10. nkosi

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

  11. The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

    Red Bud Isle, Austin, Texas The island in the middle of the Colorado River was formed during a 1900 flood after a dam collapsed. It also looks like a jalapeño!
  12. Martin Proll

    Filming a Parade

  13. PaulJohn

    London from a bird's eye view! (video shot on P4)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a short video I shot around Westminster with my P4 last week :) Paul
  14. linkmodo

    4K Footage around Miami - Vizcaya Museum, Key Biscayne and Miami Seaquarium

    My second week flying and editing videos... So far it's been a lot of fun and learning.. Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL Vizcaya Museum, Miami, FL Miami Seaquarium, Key Biscayne, FL Even took it on a engagement photo shoot for a few snapshots! It's a lot harder to use it in windy...
  15. rickray

    Is the P3P too fast a bird for good controlled 4k filming?

    Let me preface by saying that few people on this forum ever complain that their quad flies TOO FAST. But I will offer this opinion. I fly primarily to shoot beautiful aerials in 4k. And I find it very very hard to fly slow enough to get truly good aerials. It requires way too much joystick...
  16. C

    Links to some of my favorite aerial videos (by others)

    I had a lot of bookmarks to some beautiful aerial videos shot by others. I wrote a small program to take my bookmarks and turn them into short pages of links to videos. There's some great work out there.
  17. S

    Made a short film with my dad for fun, using the P3 Pro for some shots.

    I'm super interested in the use of aerial perspectives in film, so I made this little idea for fun around Donegal, Ireland, which has some stunning scenery (in my opinion anyway!). I'm really happy with how the Phantom shots turned out. (If you're only interested in those shots, you can see them...
  18. Noble 1

    Serenity - Cheadle Lake, Beautiful Lebanon Oregon

    Let me know what you think. First video made with my P3P. P3P with DBS ITELITE mod recorded at 4k video processed at 1080p editing done in iMovie on a MacBook Air 2013 I tried uploading to youtube 3 times. Took 8 hours and the quality was unbearable. Vimeo is better! Full HD and super fast...
  19. jamesb72

    Aerial sunrise Timelapse test - Phantom 3 using Waypoints for slow smooth tracking

    Forecast was clear for this morning, so charged up last night and got up early planning to take some sunrise stills, but ended up playing with waypoints to fly slow (0.4mph) flight tracks to speed up into a timelapse - these are speeded up 16x and stabilised, timing wasn't quite perfect for the...