1. G

    Country NSW Phantom Australia 4 Aerial Drone Footage

    short clip I took :)
  2. SpaceCityDrones

    Ground Control Point Questions

    I am looking to find affordable option for group control point kits. For those that are using GCPs on your aerial maps, what are you using? Most of my projects will be in cell range, so if I can take advantage of that signal, and save money, I would love to know my options.
  3. D.Bennett

    Addicted to Aerial!

    Hey ya'll Daniel here from Houston, TX. Early this year I took an interest in aerial footage. Now I'm full blown ADDICTED! I've had the chance to fly the Phantom 4 several times and am saving for my own investment; maybe the P4 Pro. I'm interested in taking this amazing hobby to the next level...
  4. Pete Gianakos

    Nashville Fall Foliage

  5. probonic

    Autumn in Manchester

    An autumn flight over Longford Park in Stretford, Manchester.
  6. C

    Fairy Montenegro

    Hi, This aerial video was shot during my trip to Montenegro in September, 2016. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D + GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Watch in HD ;)
  7. Skyer

    Flying at the beach - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Finally got a chance to fly the Phantom next to the sea. This footage is from a recent trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, only a couple of weeks after hurricane Matthew... Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated!
  8. tml4191

    Aerial Shot Dana Point

    I know it's a little overexposed, but this was taken when I first got the phantom. Here's the link: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  9. L

    Abandoned complex

    Hey :) I just found out in my city where I grew up there's a huge abandoned complex of warehouses and couldn't wait until I will get there to make some footage. I am quite satisfied how it turned out except maybe stuttering of video which is maybe post production issue. Made with P3S. I would...
  10. J


    Hope everyone enjoys!! DroneOnJohn YouTube Channel
  11. H

    Broken remote Antenna

    Hi guys, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. One of my antennas recently got snapped clean in half due to a clumsy friend and a rather large boot while my controller was sat on the floor! Have had a hunt around and these parts don't seem to be available as spares and I can't find any on...
  12. nunes18

    Aerial view of Aruba

    We recently went on vacation to Aruba. Here is a short video:
  13. T

    North Carolina Mountains

    Enjoy this video I filmed a couple weeks ago in the NC mountains.
  14. C

    Seychelles - The paradise on Earth

    Hi again! This aerial video was shot during our trip to the paradise on Earth, Seychelles, in March, 2015. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D + GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Music: Keiko Matsui - Tears of the Ocean. Watch in HD ;)
  15. C

    Magnificent Iceland

    Hi, guys! This aerial video was shot during my trip to amazing Iceland in June, 2016. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D + GoPro Hero 4 Silver, corrected with DeFishr 1.0 Music: Tony Anderson - Dwell (Snowfall remix). Watch in HD ;)
  16. S

    July 4th Sandbar / Fireworks Aerial - Edited Video

    Hi all - I've owned a Phantom 3 Advanced for about a month now and I'm having lots of fun with it. Here is footage from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback you have.
  17. J

    SANTA MONICA PIER (TRIBUTE TO FRANCE) | Phantom 4 4K Drone Video

    Santa Monica pier lit up with the colors of France! For more, check out DroneOnJohn on YouTube.
  18. J


    Had a blast shooting this up in the mountains. Check out my channel DRONEON JOHN on YouTube for more!
  19. J

    #DRONEON | Back Bay | Phantom 4 4K Video

    Hot off the presses! Check out #DRONEON on YouTube for more videos! Cheers!
  20. J

    #DRONEON | Laguna Beach | Phantom 4 4K Video

    Here's another one of my recent videos... If y'all are getting tired of these, let me know! Honest feedback always appreciated! Here is a link to the channel: #DRONEON