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  1. electriclife

    Amazing 1 Hour Relaxing Music And Stunning 4K Drone Video of the Dolomites

    1 Hour Relaxing Video & Music includes relaxing, stress relief, inspirational, anxiety relief nature video filmed in 4K UHD with a drone. The video can be used for relaxation, study, meditation and stress relief. This relaxing music can be used as study, background music, meditation music...
  2. O

    An Afternoon in Mission Viejo, California

    Took the Mavic Air out to explore some local parks. Would love some feedback!
  3. R

    Selling remote for Phantom 3 4k

    Hello, im selling phantom 3 4k remote perfect condition, used less than 15 times model: GL358wB
  4. electriclife

    Sardegna III - Winter in Sardinia. Cinematic drone footage filmed in 4K with DJI Phantom4 PRO

    Sardegna is as gorgeous in winter as it is during the summer. Sure you cannot take a swim, but on the other hand the island is completely empty, no tourism. The place is literally yours to enjoy. The colors of the sea are as stunning as ever. The 4k video contains footage of Capo d'Orso, Celvia...
  5. Donatas

    Iceland ship

  6. P

    Black verticle stripes running through video.

    I recently bought a used phantom 4, and after looking at the video I noticed that there are black verticle stripes running through the video. I did some research and reset all my camera settings and updated the drone, but the problem persisted. I turned over exposure warning off and the problem...
  7. M

    FS - Phantom 3 4k w/ 2 batteries, backpack, and more.

    Phantom 3 4k, NOT Phantom 3 Professional. Same 4k camera as the pro but uses wifi to connect much like the standard. Purchased the drone from Best Buy in June of 2016. Loved it at first and still do I just don't have the time to fly that I once did. Purchased an extra battery for the drone...
  8. M

    Waterfall in High Falls, NY. Trying out new editing programs

    Hope you enjoy. Slowly but surely trying to get better at editing If you would like to sub here is my youtube channel: Mike Panio
  9. Donatas

    DJI Phantom 3 professional Beautiful fishing videos Iceland

  10. M

    Views from the valley (New York)

    Hope you enjoy this short video I made after a hike! Also check out the channel if you want. Greatly appreciated! Mike Panio
  11. M

    beautiful sunset from New York

    Its a short little video but the sky looks awesome If you wanna see more i dropped the youtube channel down below Mike Panio
  12. M

    Insane Asylum

  13. 2

    Phantom 3 Pro 4k Camera/gimbal (gimbal not working)

    Had a wet crash upside down. Camera still works. No physical signs of damage to the unit as the drone landed upside down in shallow water. Someone who knows repair might be able to fix it or replace the gimbal motors or just wants to break up for parts. $180 +$6 shipping. Can also be used as...
  14. E

    WTB: Phantom P3 Adv or Pro Camera/Gimbal

    Hey Everyone... I have a P3 Adv that took a spill a few months ago. I've replaced the Aircraft already but the gimbal/camera has jitters and digital artifacts. Looking to buy a new or "like new" Gimbal/Camera for the P3 Adv or Pro. Located in VA, USA. Let me know what you have for sell...
  15. L

    Jamaica Vacation

    Hello everyone, Finally finished this video of my vacation in Jamaica with my girlfriend for her birthday. Youtube- @lightsesnsitivity Instagram: Drone- @lightsensitivityair Photography- @lightsensitivity
  16. Vince O

    Standard P3S Didn't RTH Right Away After Signal Loss

    Hey guys, thanks for checking this thread out. Here is the video. Any ideas why it took a minute or so to come home?
  17. C

    Will my computer edit 4K?! HELP

    Hi! I've just purchased an Asus X550V with the following: i7, 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD, 16GB DDR4 Ram, GeForce GTX 950 graphics. Can anyone tell me if this will handle 4K editing in a software such as Final Cut Pro? Thanks!
  18. TaskForce20

    Dixon Lake Escondido California in 4K

  19. TaskForce20

    Del Mar beach California in 4K

    Feed backs are welcome :) thanks for watching
  20. TaskForce20

    Laguna Beach in California in 4K

    One of my first videos. Feed backs are welcome