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    New Pilot, a few questions

    First of all, welcome to this wonderful forum and the Phantom community. I am 13 years old and flew my first Phantom when I was 10. Before that, I did fly Fixed Wing R/C Planes (Some Fpv, some not)
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    Thinking of selling my 4Pro

    Wow! I would love to see the Phantom 1's more than anything else. Just love their design and shape, somehow.
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    Proud new Drone Daddy!

    Me too!
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    Being a hobbyist drone pilot actually pays

    I wish the folks living in my area liked my Phantom ;)
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    EDITED by Moderator: Every rule broken!

    I agree with you, 100%. I even posted a nasty comment under the name of 'the geeky genius'
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    Ha ha. You can actually buy this.

    At least keeps the annoying kids off your drone.
  7. Z is a scam.

    I'm sick of these stupid scam sites going up all over the place.
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    EDITED by Moderator: Every rule broken!

    I've posted a pretty strong worded comment, under the name of "The Geeky Genius"
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    Flying in a supermarket?

    Ha ha ha. Imagine the strange looks you must be getting from others.
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    Help !!!!! Phantom 4 Motors Clogged with Confetti

    I really appreciate your advice. I am generally quite honest but I was really scared after this incident. Once again, thanks a lot for telling me. By the way, I saw your 'Hate Less Love More' video and subscribed.
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    Help !!!!! Phantom 4 Motors Clogged with Confetti

    His parents are horrible. I approached them today and they started yelling expletives at me. Next thing I know, their idiotic kid bullies me everyday at school and threatens to shoot my Labrador with a BB Gun. The repair was 100$. They replaced the 4 motors, shell and checked the RX, Naza-H...
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    Any Children in this Forum??

    I agree. I got it repaired. You'd be surprised by the amount of stuff that came out of the motors.
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    Any Children in this Forum??

    I was gifted the Phantom 4 Adv. by one of my best friends on my 11th Birthday. I fly it almost everyday. I also have many RC Planes, Helis and Nitro Cars.