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    DJI P3A in turkey from UK...

    Hi I’m just wondering if any one this year has taken their drone to turkey ? I been reading it’s ok to fly out there with out it being registered as long as it’s under 500 which mine is, but concerned about my return journey home with my batteries, but most stuff I can find is from 2017 and i...
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    Reduced range in the UK

    im glad we (UK) will be out of the EU soon then, sooner the better
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    nexus 7 sunshield

    awesome thanks buddy! ill give this one a try then :)
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    nexus 7 sunshield

    ok thanks mate
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    My Drone was shot out of the Sky!

    can not see any video???
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    nexus 7 sunshield

    hi guys, had a quick search but can not find much just wanting to know first hand what sunshields are you using as i purchased one from hong kong and it does not fit! so i do not want to waste any more money, i see there is loads of gps ones on the bay which look useless so any first hand input...
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    Sun hood for nexus 7

    Has anyone got any suggestions (links) for a sun hood for the nexus 7? My store I get my drone stuff from only stock them for phones and iPads Thanks in advance guys Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    Best Firmware for P3A

    I'd try 1.4 personally if it were me, I've never tried it..... Then like u say u can all ways upgrade... Just not to this latest crap dji have put out. Some people have said they have cut the range on purpose as the p3's were out ranging the p4's , but that's just say so.... Sent from my...
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    Best Firmware for P3A

    I wouldn't touch this latest update if you paid me, stay clear mate! Birds falling from the sky, range cut to rediculous range... The list goes on, I'm on the last fw before this latest one and I love it , I easily get 4000m range with no video or rc range issues, dji really need to sort there...
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    Phantom Drone First Edit!

    It's not available mate Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    (After 1.6.8 update) Phantom 3S Weak RC signal problem SOLVED!!!

    thanks buddy, oh so sorry i just noticed its for the p3s, sorry i have the p3a :( i need to stop skim reading
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    Ok, I'll admit it, I flew over houses today

    im flying with stock antenna's and video on auto in dji go, i easily get 2+ miles with no video loss or weak signal, im on the previous update to this latest one, cant believe DJI have not sorted this range issue out yet, its terrible awesome video to the op too! :)
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    (After 1.6.8 update) Phantom 3S Weak RC signal problem SOLVED!!!

    glad people are getting range back with the latest update, i cant believe DJI has still not released a new update to sort this out, im still on the previous firmware prior to this latest upgrade, and im not ever upgrading, if i were to drop range as severe as this i would be crying, i easily get...
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    Firmware Version 01.09.0060

    That's it for me definitely not touching this update, good luck everyone who is having problems Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots mobile app