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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    Dude ... again ... I know how it works ... used it plenty of times. Just forgot to cross check this time ... My Misstake, I never told it a technical Problem ... But thanks for the clear explaination of Topics I already know ... are you doing mistakes ?
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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    Guys ... you dont need to tell me what I did wrong ... I told you the Problem was that DHP was disabled, I just missed this ... Human Error yes ... I know ... I never claimed that there was aa technical problem ! I have about 400 flights and more then 800 km flight distance in total ... I know...
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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    Hi . Was standing in clear line to the bird, at 0:30 you will see on the left side a bridge. This is roughly the position I was, it is just about 300 meters away ...
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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    As I know no app which will continue to do the autonomous flight when the signal is lost I guess it would not change anything in result ... All apps I know are returning home in that cases ...
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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    Nope ... I wasnt on the other side of the building ... I was all the time in direct sight line to the bird. But I am used to fly with "dynamic home Point" enabled. For some reason this was disabled this time. So the bird was not coming back to me. It was heading to the original starting point...
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    I crashed my bird into the ECB, **** happens ... :-)

    deleted ... you guys are a pain ...
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    Motor caps/covers when traveling

    You may want to print some of my caps ?
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    FPV Goggles?

    I am using an Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) and mirror the screen via "Android Screen Mirroring" to my EPSON Moverio BT-200. Works great ...
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    Sunshade for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7inch

    Hi Guys ... I am using an Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 LTE 7 inch with my brand new P3P. I use these relatively "small" Tablet because two reasons: - I need a Android Tablet to mirror the screen to my Moverio BT-200 goggles - The 7 inch Samsung fits perfectly into my DJI Backpack into the compartment...
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    How many have had no major issues of flyaways?

    Hi ... I have my Phantoms (1x Phantom and 1x Phantom 2 Vision) since almost 1 year ... Looking into the battery discharge counter I did more then 110 flights in that time ... No issues at all ... because: - I read the Manual and the Release Notes - I inspect my devices with a short prefight...
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    2nd flight on 3.04 CRASH-VRS

    Guys ... I read a lot about the 3.04 Version ... I did about 50 flights with 3.04 and it is just fine ... no issue at all ... BUT ... the issue that the my Phantom decents very rapidly out of the blue sky happens to me in the past as well. In my case it was related to a "bad" battery. With this...
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    Ground station (GPS waypoints) capabilities in the app

    found the original NEWS ... ... pabilities Long time ago ...
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    Ground station (GPS waypoints) capabilities in the app

    This was already annonced for Dec 2013 ... maybe even earlier ... then it was posponed and posponed ... now it is pretty silent around that Feature ... It may come ... or not ... who knows ...
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    GoPro Studio With Vision Files And Fisheye

    I am using ProDRENALIN ... defishing, stabilizing and denoice ... an profile for the vision is included ... ... 82316.html cheers, Nik
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    FREE FC200 Gimbal availible !

    Hey ... yes ... I posted this in the forum at about 3 threads ... reason is I was looking since a while for an good shape scan of the FC200 cam. Only Rotorpixel had a good one and this was petty expensive ... with free I mean almost free ... sorry ... 40 bugs for the controller and the motors...