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    FS: Crystal Sky 5.5 inch monitor with accessories

    Yea it’s still available. You should be able to message me. If you have trouble let me know. Thanks
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    FS: Crystal Sky 5.5 inch monitor with accessories

    I am thinning out some equipment and for sale is a Crystal Sky 5.5 inch monitor by DJI. Super bright and built in fan keeps you flying on even sunny and warm days. Comes with tons of accessories and everything you need to mount and use the Crystal Sky. Crystal Sky 5.5 inch Monitor DJI...
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    FS: Phantom 4 OEM High Capacity Batteries

    I am thinning out some equipment so I am selling three Phantom 4 High Capacity OEM batteries. Charge counts are listed below. There are a couple of hairline cracks which are very common on these and are pictured but do not affect performance at all. I can ship out immediately and will cover...
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    Is there really no way to get files like DNG off an SD card inserted into a Crystalsky?

    I gave up trying this and bought a card reader for my iPad on Amazon… problem solved. Good luck to ya :)
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    Is Flying For Dronebase Worth It?

    The pay is usually low and it really depends on where you are located. If there is much or sometimes any drive time there may not be much money to be made. A standard real estate job which you can usually fly in less than 45 minutes starts with a $70 payout and may go up if they have ordered...
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    Phantom 4 Black Battery

    If it makes ya feel better I have some black batteries that I bought second hand that I use in my white phantom lol - I would personally only stick to authentic DJI batteries. I usually just shop around for the best price, Amazon etc. good luck !
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    P4PV2 - Need to reduce top speed - How?

    You can use something like Drone Hacks and modify those parameters if that helps
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    Question on LAANC

    Nah.. i usually just let them expire
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    For sale P4 Pro+ V2.0 - SOLD

    Pm sent
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    CrystalSky 7.85 vs 2021 iPad Pro 12.9

    I personally use a CS and also a iPad mini series 5. I kind of view them as separate tools. When I can and am just collecting photos/video I use and prefer my CS. Screen is much brighter and it is not plagued with thermal shutdown in high heat like my iPad. When doing mapping etc I use the IPad...
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    No compass in Litchi for IOS, or only in iPad mini 5?

    I have a 5th gen iPad mini with cellular that I use and love it. If your iPad mini WiFi only or also cellular? Only the cellular models have a built in compass the WiFi models do not. I know you said it works with Go4 so I dunno. Lemme know and I can fire up Litchi in a bit and see if it works...
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    [Sold] Phantom 4 Advanced (needs gimbal repair) $300 OBO

    So I backed this P4A into a tree, oops! It flies perfectly fine, the only damage was to the gimbal. It still works but twitches every few seconds. It is also missing one of the antenna covers in the leg. Other than that it would be great for parts or a project. Includes the Phantom, controller...
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    Phantom 4

    PM Sent
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    DJI care refresh........

    Not sure about the code but I know every time I add care refresh I get an email with the terms right away. You can go here to verify :(for some reason it comes up In Chinese and sometimes in English lol. I dunno!!)