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    Latest Firmware Update for P4P - Apr 12

    Flew yesterday in windy conditions 15kts on all the new updates. 4k video was amazing although mine always has been great. No issues flying with my IPad Air 2.
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    March 7th, NEW P4P Firmware V 01.03.0418

    Agree. Those apps are written to use DJI code and not the other way around. When Apple or Microsoft update their OS and they break things (he'll MICROSOFT updates break app integration ALL THE TIME. Developers have to rewrite their code. Yes DJI changing their firmware (code) creates some...
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    Will This Litchi Waypoint Survive?

    50'feet of separation is very very low. I would. Do 150 feet minimum to clear any obstacle by 100ft. A good gust of wind or you making some stick error doesn't give you much leeway. However if you are no here near the tower I'd go for it. Keep in mind the closer you are to buildings and towers...
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    How can these guys get away with this?

    I wonder if the program in everything in Litchi.....hmmm that would be interesting because they could do everything on Google to check heights, although this violates part 107 if they are sending this to someone and the risk being created is massive but it would interesting to see how they do...
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    Ready to throw my P4P out the window....

    A few things, Are you recording in MP4 or .MOV? Also WMP is not great I would Download and install VLC. Did you upgrade from Windows 8 to 10? If you did, Windows 8 media player will not play 4K, you need to download and install the latest player and you should be fine. If you like it then you...
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    Crashed my P4P Pro, going in to DJI repair process

    Hi there, they sent me a brand new drone, new serial number so I just re-paired it with my remote and went through all the settings. I am using IOS. I have heard of issues with android crashing (probably because they had conflicting apps open or something else) so I just stuck with my IPad Air...
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    San Fransisco Area Drone Bans and Regulations

    You'll always be able to fly. Just do it safely and stay high, not hovering over people's yards. Keep it movin and groovin. You can't even see a drone at 150 feet let alone 400ft (limit you should fly). Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    Seeing a lot of problems on P4Ps..

    Agree. My Samsung Galaxy 7 edge on auto brightness can be seen well in bright sunlight but I prefer my IPad Air 2 although it's hard to see without some shades around the screen. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    How Great is the New Camera!!

    P4P has a larger sensor on the camera and mechanical shutter. 1 inch sensor has wider dynamic range. Both great but if photography is your main goal then you will love the P4P. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    Crashed my P4P Pro, going in to DJI repair process

    Arrived today looking brand spankin new. Went through and tested everything. Fired it up, all good! Very impressed with DJI's fast service, Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    How many batteries do you have?

    3 HCs Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    How Great is the New Camera!!

    Great shot! I too am a nature and wildlife photographer and shoot raw/jpg to do fast screening but always post process my raw images. This 1 inch sensor on the P4P with F2.8 was surprisingly good here. Raw allowed me to dial these in when I was in Africa Nothing beats raw and Lightroom...
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    This is becoming addicting...

    Fantastic, I am wondering if they will hassle me at the airport. I will have to check when I come down. I'd hate to have then say no. Not sure I would chance 2k in gear to not get confiscated. I'll stop in the Mexican consulate here in San Francisco and make a few calls. Jay Sent from my...
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    San Fransisco Area Drone Bans and Regulations

    Just like Prohibition with alcohol, the ban generated more drinkers and speakeasy places than anyone imagined. Make it illegal for everyone to do it and more will do it and more often not to mention at night. I see a lot of folks doing the Golden Gate at night and I am sure that's not allowed...