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    how to get to FPV???

    Another possible option, or so I have heard, is to download "Litchi" from your app store of choice and use a cheap set of VR goggles with your cellphone. Litchi costs $20 I think and can be used in substitution for the DJI GO app. An inexpensive set of goggles can be had online for less than...
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    P3P Shell cracked while flying !

    OP....did you by chance ever balance your props?
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    If you like, I would be willing to pick one up and ship it to you at your cost, no markup on my part cuz I am a nice guy. :-) No idea what shipping would be...the cases are light but bulky and would need to be boxed otherwise might look rough by the time it arrived. Probably should have...
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    Sweet...glad you were able to score one. When I was there on Thursday they only had one on display (which I bought) but the kid that checked me out said they had 26 more of them in stock. Looks like they are unloading them quickly if down to 10 today. I have been using a Pelican hard case...
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    NEVER enough chocolate buckeyes. Food of the Gods man! Whereabouts in Ohio? I'm near Columbus.
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    Pics of the case from MicroCenter...
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    Well, feedback appreciated, but NOPE. They are in fact DJI cases, emblazoned with the logo, stocked amongst the DJI products. If I wanted a knockoff, I would have bought one. These are the legit cases being sold at MicroCenter. Unless of course MicroCenter is selling pirated items, which I...
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    $34.99 Phantom 3 Backpack Hardshell Case

    FYI, anyone looking for the official DJI hard shell backpack, MicroCenter currently has them on sale for $29. Unfortunately it looks like it is in-store only (no shipping), so if you have one near you it might be worth calling to check inventory. The one near me (Columbus) had 27 of them...
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    It won't stop with just registration. There is money to be made. As long as the fear-mongering media continue to push the agenda to feed a small percentage of paranoid members of society that continue to watch the air with their shotguns aimed skyward, regulation will expand. Money...
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    BREAKING!!! U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

    ...And aren't you sort of reinforcing the point people here are trying to make with this post? If you fly responsibly, like the VAST majority of Phantom owners, why in the hell SHOULD you have to register your quad? This is the equivalent of saying that because knives are used by a minority of...
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    Newbie From Ohio

    To the OP, as previously mentioned, I wouldn't recommend flying over a mass of people and expensive cars until you have a LOT more experience with the mechanics of the P3. I have had my P3 since launch, with probably 40 flights of varying duration, and I still wouldn't feel confident flying...
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    Did my phantom truly survive it's first crash?

    Even relatively low altitude crashes can result in separation of the gimbal from the quadcopter, which is when the fun starts. On another hand, other folks have crashed from higher up (like myself) and suffered light, repairable damage. Seems to be a crapshoot. 10 feet onto concrete...sounds...
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    New skin on my P3P, what do you think?

    Interesting....I have that exact same skin....on my PS4. :-)
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    Aircraft won't connect to DJI Go app since upgrade.

    Oddly enough I had the same issue with my previous upgrade. P3P would not connect, and was even being told that the quad needed to be updated, even though I had "success" messages on my SD card after the update. I was about to contact DJI for guidance, but the behavior stopped on it's own. If...