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    2 Quad Backpacks - Ape Case + Depstech

    Selling two quadcopter backpacks separately. Both are in like new condition, I'm selling because my commercial business forces me to carry a lot of junk while being mobile. =) First bag: Ape Case, here is official description: VERSATILE DRONE BACKPACK DESIGNED TO FIT: The DJI Phantom, 1,2,3,4...
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    Who's Airspace is it??

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll look into the LOA or waiver.
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    Flight "Near" Government Infrastructure

    Anyone know the rules (and please link from a reputable site to confirm) regarding flight around government infrastructure? During my multiple talks with the local airport's manager today, he said most of the town I operate in is government infrastructure and cannot be flown near -...
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    Who's Airspace is it??

    Hi All, Spent 45min on the phone today between two different airports and did not get a conclusive answer so looking here for feedback. The important thing to note here is I'm flying under Part 107 so I must have permission not simply notify. I live in SW Michigan, where I typically fly...
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    Flying near and under metal bridges

    I fly near a lighthouse in my town all the time. Close to it you will lose your compass and go into atti mode but can easily back away from the lighthouse and regain it. Now that I'm used to it and expecting that to happen, I can be ready to compensate for the wind blowing me around in Atti...
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    Flying under a bridge and around a creek

    Was that FPV mode? I'm guessing you went into A mode under the bridge? Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    But that's what I figured. I guess my concern still exists. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    For the record I did do a search on TFR and sporting events trying to find an answer before posting but didn't find anything related to Go tracking start and stop time of TFR's accurately. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    That was exactly my concern, having to avoid the TFR circles even though they should not be happening during those hours. I plan to fly from Mount Washington so I can have LOS to everything. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Sporting Event Venue TFR - DJI App correct for non-TFR times?

    Hi All, I'm planning an upcoming trip to Pittsburgh and was hoping to fly around Point State Park, the three rivers junction and the sport stadiums. I read up on Sporting Event TFR's and for MLB, NFL, NCAA D1 Football and the major motor sports, there's a 3 mile radius NFZ around the venue...
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    Sporting Events

    I was looking into this for a different purpose today but here's the official rule, technically in regards to sporting events you're OK but still use sound judgement.
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    Standard S1 and S2 ?

    I was frustrated too. I have a similar scenario at work and the reason there for no hard copies is to ensure you always work with the latest version. With everything on the RC and bird being controlled by software/firmware, it has the potential to change making a hard copy potentially obsolete...
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    WTB phantom 3 standard.

    have a P3S I was literally putting on eBay today. Sent you a msg with info.
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    Tips on Avoiding Interference / GPS Loss

    Here's the link to the video. Working on a second one now with even better footage.. from a few days later.
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    The first Dual Screen for a p4p?!?

    Could 3D print it and avoid the headaches of piecing it together [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots