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    Insurance for Phantom 4

    Quad Model Service Contracts Archives - Page 3 of 4 - Drone Service & Warranty Repairs
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    P4 V`s P3 Camera - Colour!

    Straight out of the camera. Looks mighty good to me.
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    Shutter speed 2X Frame rate

    It is the DJI nd16. The school is about 15500' from take off.
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    SDK for 3rd Party Apps for the P4

    Litchi is working fine for me.
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    Shutter speed 2X Frame rate

    Yup incredibly smooth video with the shutter at 2x the frame rate.
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    So why did you exchange your Phantom 4?

    My first one had a defective gimbal. The gimbal motors were very weak and it would flop over in the wind. My second one has been great in every aspect including range of over 12,000'.
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    DJI GEO Coming to Your P3 Soon

    I am in it and I ignore it. It is something to do with military flights. I don't use the go app and will not be updating so no worries here. That is my suggestion to everybody.
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    Run in with a cop at my local city beach

    The truth of the matter is really most cops are good people. Sure there will always be a few on a power trip but most are very good. The one you encountered will very likely go back to his precinct and tell others about it and how cool it was and they will then have a better perspective on these...
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    Android Tablets

    As you are aware by now it has a weaker version of the exynos. Even my Nexus 6 phone with a snapdragon 805 scores pretty much identical to the new tab S2 and my nexus 6 does not run the GO app perfectly smooth so I dont expect the S2 to run it any better.
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    Stress crack of death

    Bondic will stop the cracks cold.
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    Has anybody got their pre ordered Flytrex yet?

    Been flying with mine for over a week. Amit is working on a few software bugs on the server side but everything is working fine for the most part.
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    Autopilot 2.0 out now

    I was going to buy your product until I seen no waypoints. I don't understand why you did not give that option. It can not be that difficult to implement it. Others have been doing it for months.
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    Litchi trumps DJI Intelligent Flight Mode by a lot!

    Done yesterday with Litchi and the new firmware.
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    Let's see your POI videos

    Did this back on August 11th.
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    Sudden crash

    The very reason I run the strong arm kits on all my P3P's. I have had 3 and ALL of them have developed the stress cracks. Sold 1, 1 flew away and was found by a farmer and being replaced currently by squaretrade and will be here tomorrow (new so no cracks yet! but the one that flew away had...