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    Upgrading radio antenna....

    fpvlr antennae are the best way to get range
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    Increasing range of Phantom 2

    fpvlr antennae are the way to go. I got 1.5km with stock, now have yet to hit failsafe at 3plus km, just my fortitude keeping me back haha
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    FPVLR 2.4 radio antenna kit

    fpvlr on radio and fpv , never looked back. Best money I spent
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    Phantom 2, Taranis x9d, EZUHF tx and Rx.

    heres how I achieved long range with my p2. Replaced stock rc antennae with fpvlr long range, replaced fpv antennae also with fpvlr, range so far has been 3 km plus one way with great image quality and excellent reception just myself from going farther at this time but don't see any issues to...
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    ***FAVORITE Phantom 2 MODS***

    Retracts and upgraded to fpvlr antennae on remote and fpv made mine sing.
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    Has anyone ever sent your bird out as far as it can go letting the RTH feature kick in?

    Have flown mine out of transmitter range many times, I also mainly fly over water. Upgraded antennae to fpvlr on transmitter and also for fpv, now I have flown to 3 km one way and still have control and fpv signal, just fear holding me back now haha.
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    Antenna Check

    Check out fpvlr antennae, I have them. Used spironets first and upgraded to fpvlr and clarity and range are first class
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    New Firmware v3.12

    Still on 3.06 since July of last year as well, over 100 flights and no problems
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    Better antennas for Fatshark Predator V2

    Hello Tony, thanks for making a great product
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    Better antennas for Fatshark Predator V2

    Monty, I have the same goggles, I have used RC immersion spironet antennaes for last year or so, ranges of 1- 2 km where achievable.I now use fpvlr 5.8 antennae set up, getting same range and more, biggest difference was with the clarity of signal, way better over all of the distance,i would...
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    historic north pacific

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    northern bc mountain fpv

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    links to videos

    How do I attach links to my videos that are on vimeo?
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    P2 retracts

    Rc depot makes retracts, have them on mine and still fit into Plano box and excellent quality
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    Skew Planar Antenna Question

    fpvlr all the way. 4.25 helix brought fpv to a whole new level, outstanding clarity and range.