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    Member of the month? Year?

    No worries, glad I was able to help.
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    Anyone know anything about GoPro Studio 2.0?

    Hi I know it's not strictly Phantom, but we all run them so it makes sense here.... My question/problem is....I can load a .jpg in GoPro Studio, I can remove the fisheye effect, edit it, whatever I like....BUT....It only lets you save it as a movie file, no option for .jpg, from what I can...
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    Pictures from Phantom Vision 2

    I downloaded this today but can't find a way of saving a .jpeg as a .jpeg.....It always wants to save a photo as a movie file....Is this a limitation of the software, or am I doing something wrong? ....Just seems a shame, it lets you correct the fisheye, but then you can't use the file as a...
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    Self tightening props - Do they require a spanner to remove?

    Re: Self tightening props - Do they require a spanner to rem Thanks for the replies....I didn't wanna buy some, fit them, only to find they couldn't be removed easily....
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    Self tightening props - Do they require a spanner to remove?

    Hi As per the topic... ...I remember seeing a special spanner being used to hold the motor, whilst the prop was being undone, but this was on like a promo video. Do you actually require a special spanner, or did the spanner never make it into production? ...All the prop's you see for sale on...
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    Where to mount Garmin GTU10

    This is where I put mine, very simple...
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    For those of you trying to lose weight !

    ...A bargin at £50, not.
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    Balancing CF props completely eliminated Jello!

    Very nice....The perfect advertisment for encouraging fellow Phantom flyers to balance their props.
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    Local Company Invents DJI Phantom!

    ...Seriously WTF.
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    How to determin which one to change(esc)

    ...Or do the individual motor spin up test that available in F/W 4.0 >
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    Am I a good pilot or was this an accident?

    ...Sounds like you have a problem with your speed controllers, or the motors themselves.
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    Maximum wind speed for flying?

    Trust me, I didn't expect it to you say DJI quote such and such, but it did/does. ...The wind at the time was around 40 mph, many times I've flown in 20+mph winds....Don't have much choice where I live, lol, it's right on the coast. ...Not saying its brilliant flying in bad winds...
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    Maximum wind speed for flying?

    I'm in the same part of the world as you so I know what you mean... ...Basically I don't worry about the wind speed now, the Phantom just seems to love it. I did a test a about a month back, flew it in gale force winds, it was **** near vertical when trying to go against the wind. ...The main...
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    Introducing the iPhantom

    I'm glad he kept the video.'s solid proof, that can be shown to anyone else, that thinks bunging an iPhone on the Phantom, would be a good idea :lol: