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    Master Airscrew Endure foldable props for a P4P

    Anyone using the MA Endure foldable props on a P4P ? Any problems/observations other than what was discussed by Captain Drone in his review video ?
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    Master Airscrew Props

    Anyone using the MA Endure foldable props on a P4P
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    camera wont record

    Try deleting the app completely and reinstalling
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    DJI Phantom 4 Pro Shaking Footage

    Does it shake with the ND filter off ?
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    Better in Cold Weather: P4P or Mavic Air 2

    I've always preferred the 1" sensor and higher dynamic range of the P4P if your picky with the image quality and are willing to edit in post, but as Meta has shown the operating temperatures maybe an issue for the P4P.
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    New P4P V2 Battery Signal Error

    Are these batteries older than you P4P V2 ?
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    DJI Should Sell GL300L or GL300K Separately!

    There are no DJI reps on this forum, DJI have their own forum where the moderators pick up on suggestions. Why don't you post over there, you might get the answer your looking for instead of being critical of the answers we give.
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    Looking to up grade screen

    Also go for the newer models with the most powerful cpu's , DJI Fly is very heavy on processing.
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    Moverio BT-300 and P4P V2

    The tello does work with the BT-300, you have to sideload the Ryze Tello app or the Tello FPV app
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    How to simulate theHow to simulate the Epson BT-35e interface box with the Epson BT-300 Epson BT-35e interface box with the Epson BT-300

    In a post by David Huang on the Epson Moverio Tips/Tricks/ Support facebook page he has provided us with a solution to using the Epson BT-300 with any hdmi input, thereby acting like the BT-35e interface box. It is a very cheap option and provides the BT-300 with another use...
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    BT-200 glasses with Mavic Air 2?

    Here's how you could try casting from the android phone to the BT-200, I know it works perfectly for the BT-300 without much latency as the devices connected by the local hotspot are so close to each other that's why I created the thread...
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    Litchi v4.18.0-a NOT working on BT300

    I was hoping to do this as well and did the same thing as yourself. I've tried a lot of the developer options on the BT-300 with no success. I suspect it's something to do with license verification on the Amazon app store but I can't be sure. Can you post the link to the 4.17.0-a version I've...
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    P4 Pro V1.0

    I believe it only the P4P V2.0 version that has the 1080p/30fps liveview option.
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    iPhone or iPad

    Ipad Mini 4 or 5 is the best comprimise
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    Issue with remote, possibly bricked?

    Have you tried re-flashing the firmware on the AC and RC using DJI Assistant 2 on the PC At the bottom of this page