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    Is your P4 firmware update GOOD? Post here please!

    Everything seems OK, I get an occasional warning and occasional error. But it still flies. No crashes in 73 flights....knock on wood
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    Where do I find current firmware

    Yes, I was powered up and connected.
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    Can't fly since last update....

    Thank you very much I appreciate the help!!
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    dji P4 updated firmware stuck at 99%

    My update on just about the same as yours. Pretty much the same information was displayed, I tried restarting everything else I could think of. I finally unhooked my iPad and hook up my iPhone and then it showed the controller needed to be upgraded. I upgraded the controller took about 10...
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    Can't fly since last update....

    No, where and how can I get it??
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    I'm new to Litchi and can't find my flights recorded anywhere!

    Can someone help me find where the flights are recorded on the litchi app?
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    Where do I find current firmware

    On my p4 it shows aircraft version unknown? What can I do?
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    Can't fly since last update....

    I updated my p4 today and now it will not work. It shows up on my iPad screen as collecting version information. Camera doesn't work either. How do you uninstall??
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    Dji Go update next week

    I update 2 days ago, flow my 4 several times and I have not noticed any difference. I have flown long distance, no change. No limitation I could find. Keep flying
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    next DJI GO 4.xx forced update

    I update my phantom 4 at few days ago and have flown it several times and I haven't noticed any change. Keep flying quit worrying
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    If you're not already insured with State Farm they will not cover your drone, unless you're willing to start regular state farm insurance program. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots