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    Re flash nand

    I do know a guy in the UK that will do it by post if that is any help. Let me know if you need his details.
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    P2V+ Black Screen: DJI to Offer P2 Care Plan for certain Phantom 2 users

    Thanks for the heads up Brent and I am pleased that those of you in the US are finally being offered this recall. But what about the rest of the world? We have exactly the same problem but clearly DJI don't give a cuss for us. Not happy. :(
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    Is it the Heat?, or being left for a period of time?

    Sounds like you're almost there. I little knowledge in IT or electronics so am picking my way through this very slowly and have managed to follow it so far. Now I have to bite the bullet, connect it up and try the reflash. I can't find a way to attach the file you need so have started a...
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    Is it the Heat?, or being left for a period of time?

    From everything I have read, it is more likely to be the NAND. There is a way to test for that, but I am not in a position to locate it at the moment. I will get back to you tomorrow with that and full details of the fix. I have everything prepared now to reflash my NAND and hope to complete the...
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    How to Reflash dead dji phantom

    I have everything ready to do the job but am reluctant to make a start. My loss of vision down link is intermittent. Surely, if the NAND was at fault I would have the problem every time I flew. I would appreciate any thoughts others might have before I lift the lid.
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    "Critical Error" on camera.

    Sorry to hear you're having that problem. I fixed mine by following the instructions in this excellent YT video: Good luck.
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    "Critical Error" on camera.

    PROBLEM SOLVED. Although my firmware was showing as 'up to date', I decided to reinstall it for the camera and this has fixed my problem. I hope that this update helps anybody checking out the thread in the future. As a matter of interest, my SD card needed formatting and I had to do this in...
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    "Critical Error" on camera.

    I'm sure the answer must be here somewhere but I cannot even find the Search feature on this board. What hope is there for me fixing my bird I wonder?! My last flight went flawlessly and the post flight checklist was completed without issue. Now I've done my pre flight and find the following...
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    Mixing prop types on Phantom Vision 2

    As I thought. Thanks for the confirmation and prompt reply.
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    Mixing prop types on Phantom Vision 2

    When I first bought my Phantom Vision 2 the props fitted were part number 9443 and this was later updated to 9450. Old news I know. My question is, can I run a mix of the two at the same time or will this cause the craft to be unbalanced?
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    OH NO!!!

    FWIW I recently flew with a European LoCo and took four P2+ batteries in my carry on. I put insulation tape around each terminal but need not have bothered as nobody said a thing. The only hold up going through security was the guy asking loads of questions about the bird and was I happy with...
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    META-REVIEW: Complete list of Mavic features & what people are saying about it

    msinger, you are an absolute star and one who selflessly devotes much of your own time for the benefit of others. We really appreciate your presence on the forum. Thank you for such a detailed and enlightening thread.
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    Video interference again

    Thanks stag. I'll give that a try.
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    Video interference again

    I've just been running through the first videos from my P2V+ and they have very bad horizontal interference. I've read through previous threads relating to this problem stating that the cause is prop reflection when turned towards the sun. This video clip shows a particularly bad case and...
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    Unable to load DJI Vision app

    It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I felt sure that I had used it before on here but now it does say the device is not supported. That's a bummer as I've come away for a week and left the Nexus at home.