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    Rainbow app for P3A anyone using it?

    Lol I don’t know how it could be perfect when new version of DJI GO doesn’t work and neither does Are you able to install Litchi? The tablet I lost was older Nvidia tablet that worked great and had Litchi on it,This tablet says it is not compatible with that version
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    Rainbow app for P3A anyone using it?

    Lol I don’t know how it could be perfect when new version of DJI GO doesn’t work and neither does Litchi
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    Rainbow app for P3A anyone using it?

    Havent flown my p3 in months,went to use it the other day and my tablet was missing cant find it anywhere,ordered samsung tab pro sm-t320 for it.Upon opening google play store I see theres a new app called Rainbow,I couldnt connect to it,I'm not seeing any tutorials for it on youtube,anybody...
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    Need Litchi waypoint help,first time user

    I've watched a couple tutorials and thought I knew what I was doing but apparently I didnt..Tried flying some missions today.Bird kept rotating from different waypoint to waypoint.I saw one tutorial where it was doing same thing to user and he said to check counter clockwise and that would fix...
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    Got the cops called on me this morning!

    I have flown in Galveston before,curious to know where you were flying to have cops called,were you on the seawall?
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    Texas State Parks,...

    LMAO how stupid is that?!
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    Dang man what dramatic event happened that is causing you to get out?
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    Mavic Pro Crashes into Atlantic Ocean

    The fact that I might lose or crash mine really keeps me from enjoying mine.I'm always afraid of going too far or whatever.Just recently heard about the State Farm drone insurance and am in the process of getting it today,hopefully this will let me enjoy mine more.,OP should have bought the...
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    State Farm Drone Insurance

    If youre flying over water and splish splash happens and drone is not recoverable,is that covered?
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    P4 Batteries on Groupon.

    That has not been my experience.I bought a tablet from them to see if it would work with my P3A,it wouldnt and I had no problems returning it.I also returned something else but I cant remember what it was at this time.
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    P4 Batteries on Groupon.

    Ive bought things from Groupon I didnt like and received my money back no problem,I would def take a chance on the battery if I had a P4
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    Just looking for a Plain Jane set of googles

    I have 2 sets of VR goggles and neirher one come close to super clear HD resolution using FPV with Litchi with Iphone 6 plus,what is your secret? One of them is VR Box brand,dont remember the other one.Theyre better than spending big bucks but the resolution I am getting is not that great
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    Groupon Phantom 4 batteries $114.99

    It's showing they are marked DJI on the box and battery in the pics