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    Phantom 1 replacement bodies

    I have two of the original Phantoms, first one was 700 bucks, bought extra parts at the time. Luckily found a second new one on ebay for 184 bucks. Built my own quad, and plan on using Phantom parts for future quads, no more buy it and it becomes obsolete within a year. Build your own and you...
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    P330 with no transmitter given as a gift..Uggggh Help!!

    Don't know how much knowledge you have of electronics of naza and phantom1 but if it was me, I'd put in my own receiver as long as you had a good transmitter for it.
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    Anyone get stress crack, after DJI repaired it?

    Hi, I've got one of the original phantoms, been flying it for four years. First body got the cracks you are talking about, kept flying until a motor broke loose,put on a new body and haven't seen a crack yet. Probably was a factory fault, but in the early days getting hold of dji was impossible.
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    DJI Phantom 1.1.1

    You can buy a fpv transmitter and r3ec set from either UUU or Hobbyking for about 50 bucks. A cable adapter for your go pro to the trans from ready made llc for 12 bucks. use a 2s 800mah battery held on with velcro to powwer the trans. or splice in to two leads on your 11.1 v...
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    Replacement bearing parts

    clips are available at Amain also
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    Replacement bearing parts

    Amain hobby has bearings, I think they come in a bag of 4.. You will want 3x8x4mm bearings. You may find them cheaper somewhere but these are good bearings and not that expensive. There are also cheap complete sets on e-bay, but I don't know the quality. The ones at Amain are Align.
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    Flight Time is Very Short?

    I have been flying mine now for 3 years and have used different weight cameras. With your setup that's all you can get.. I built a smaller setup but each different weight gives a different flight time. I have thought about using a 5000mah battery held on by velcro,and should give same flight...
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    cf lower shell

    I've been looking at some websites about it. I think it will do the trick if I have enough room. A lot of different sites about it's uses, just have to sort out what's what. I live in the sticks, so hobby shops are at a premium and not too up to date. I'll find a source on the internet and give...
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    cf lower shell

    Actually, being an old tool & diemaker, a couple hours with a die grinder and some polishing sticks, the support problem could be easily fixed in the die at very little cost to the molder. If I could get hold of somebody with any sense at dji, I'd suggest it. But ?? Anyway
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    cf lower shell

    I will look into that, thank you for the input. That is what I am looking for is a good fix, and I understand there are quite a few others looking for the same thing. DJI probably won't even try to come up with a fix, so it's up to people like you to help find a good fix.I should probably go...
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    cf lower shell

    Yes, you are probably right. The cracks in mine are stress cracks at the motor mounting point. I have flown it for many hours with no crashes. Seems a shame to have to buy a whole new shell for $50 after only one season. I'm not going to keep replacing shells, I think I'll look at a different...
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    cf lower shell

    The problem seems to be showing up in Phantoms that see a lot of use and are flown alot. They are stress cracks that start at the motor mounts and gredaually get worse. Just seems a shame to have to pay $50 for a season or less to replace the whole shell. All that is really needed is the lower...
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    cf lower shell

    Has anyone heard of any manufacturers planning on producing cf or better lower replacement shells for the originals that are cracking ?
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    Naza M FW 4.00 released

    You did it's under the online help notes. Actally there is a video there too, explaining it.