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    Avegant Glyph anyone connected to phantom 4 pro?

    Good question! Hope we get a reply.
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    P4P and DJI RE Goggles.

    Interesting thread. Id love to go FPV. Currently I have the P4P+ Thought about the Avegant Glyph. The DJI Goggles and the DJI RE edition. Put simply, like me, just for using with my P4P+ which is recommend? I would like the best resolution. So DJI RE? Could the DJI RE be used just by me...
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    Best FPV goggles for P4P+ ?

    Unless they have changed they wont work with the + Update. DJI Goggles or Epson BT-300 Glasses?
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    30m height and 50m distance limit??

    I used to get compass warnings. High wind warnings. Bad signal warnings. Also lost connection or the screen turned off while flying, that can be nerve wrecking. In the end I simply got fed up with the ***** thing and sent it back. I have had two previous models P3 etc so I did know how to...
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    Best FPV goggles for P4P+ ?

    Resurrecting this topic. Did you find a good set of Goggles for the P4P+? I dont like the Fat Sharks. Been tempted by the Glyphs. Wondered about the DJI Racing Goggles but they seem to be a lot of money for what they are. There are some 'glasses' types but they do not appear to go with the...
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    Is FPV possible with the P4P+?

    What FPV goggles come with head tracking that will work with the P4P+ and the DJI app setup?
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    wireless interference fly with caution

    I only have one cell phone and its switched off and in my pocket. If I do have to make a call I cannot do it in the field as the phone says there is no Cell coverage. Dont forget I fly a P4P+! :)
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    I hate to state the obvious but have you removed ALL the packaging from your drone? I flew with a bit of the packaging unseen stuck behind the gimbal for a month or so before I found it. Felt a right twit, but the difference after it was removed was amazing :)
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    DJI Goggles vs Epson Moverio BT-300?

    Thanks for the clarification. :)
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    MOVERIO FPV Glasses Features & Tutorial

    Can you use these glasses with the P4P+ ?
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    DJI Goggles vs Epson Moverio BT-300?

    Slightly confused here. You use these glasses with the P4P+ screen? How do they connect?
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    wireless interference fly with caution

    Same here. I get the interference warnings too. However I am in the middle of a 100+ acre field with not even a phone signal and I get the warnings. Does not make sense. I wonder what interference the drone is detecting? Can anyone lighten me?
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    Avegant Glyph Goggles. Couple of questions

    For the moment I have given up on the Googles, family matters have taken precedence. Epson promised they would come out with compatible models in the future, we will see.
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    Terrified newbie

    Just remember you have beginner mode. It wont fly too high or far with this on. Another good point is that if the drone is doing something you dont like just release the controls and it will hover. If it goes out of sight and you cannot workout where it is then just push the Return to home...
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    P3A won't let me ascend past 100ft an go father then like 120ft

    I will just relate my experience and let you decide if it applies to your problem. Last week I started up the drone and flew and it went fine. Later I started up the app but it said I needed to re-calibrate the joysticks. I did that and when I went to fly its height and distance were...