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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    As you suggest its USA only for their service. It does sound good too. I think I will end up buying a controller and selling the old one, as a whole, for parts. Through my recent searches I can see how expensive even the smallest parts are. Someone will get a bargain. Thanks for the reply.
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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    Thanks for the information. I have a lot of options to consider first. Will decided what I am doing in the next week or so. But thanks again for getting back to me.
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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    That's the one without the screen isn't it?
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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    Forgot to mention. I do not get on here that often so if anyone spots a p4p + remote for sale please let me know.
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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Appreciated.
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    Phantom 4 pro + Wanted remote.

    I have enjoyed my Phantom 4 plus. Flew great. No crashes etc. Stored it away for winter. Got it out to charge everything up. Update software etc. The remote control battery would not charge. Common problem. So I am now between three camps so to speak. My choices............. 1. Sell...
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    Avegant Glyph anyone connected to phantom 4 pro?

    Good question! Hope we get a reply.
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    P4P and DJI RE Goggles.

    Interesting thread. Id love to go FPV. Currently I have the P4P+ Thought about the Avegant Glyph. The DJI Goggles and the DJI RE edition. Put simply, like me, just for using with my P4P+ which is recommend? I would like the best resolution. So DJI RE? Could the DJI RE be used just by me...
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    Best FPV goggles for P4P+ ?

    Unless they have changed they wont work with the + Update. DJI Goggles or Epson BT-300 Glasses?
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    30m height and 50m distance limit??

    I used to get compass warnings. High wind warnings. Bad signal warnings. Also lost connection or the screen turned off while flying, that can be nerve wrecking. In the end I simply got fed up with the ***** thing and sent it back. I have had two previous models P3 etc so I did know how to...
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    Best FPV goggles for P4P+ ?

    Resurrecting this topic. Did you find a good set of Goggles for the P4P+? I dont like the Fat Sharks. Been tempted by the Glyphs. Wondered about the DJI Racing Goggles but they seem to be a lot of money for what they are. There are some 'glasses' types but they do not appear to go with the...
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    Is FPV possible with the P4P+?

    What FPV goggles come with head tracking that will work with the P4P+ and the DJI app setup?
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    wireless interference fly with caution

    I only have one cell phone and its switched off and in my pocket. If I do have to make a call I cannot do it in the field as the phone says there is no Cell coverage. Dont forget I fly a P4P+! :)
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    I hate to state the obvious but have you removed ALL the packaging from your drone? I flew with a bit of the packaging unseen stuck behind the gimbal for a month or so before I found it. Felt a right twit, but the difference after it was removed was amazing :)
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    DJI Goggles vs Epson Moverio BT-300?

    Thanks for the clarification. :)