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    Law on flying - UK

    The others are correct. if you stay within the Drone Code then all is well. If the land you take off from and land on is common land, which you must check, then that is not a problem either. What is a problem is the threats he is making to shoot down the aircraft and also interfering with the...
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    Refurbished drone yes or no?

    I would wholeheartedly buy another refurb. Go for it.
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    Buying a new P3P

    Try getting a refurb one. I did and am more than happy.
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    What’s going to happen with refresh from DJI?

    I wonder oaf that may then bring a proliferation of other suppliers who can create the parts to keep the aircraft flying, or do we simply accept that our craft are disposable?
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    wind speed

    If you are looking to measure wind speed at height then other than the excellent advice given above you should look towards other methods that you can find in books on meteorology. In particular some form of radio sonde (A’s was suggested above in some way) but using a balloon to carry the...
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    Flight Hours

    Small amendment. That two hours should be in the last three months. My other words still stand
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    Flight Hours

    In the UK I need to keep a record of the number of flight hours and other details of every flight. Without it we could not get a renewed PfCO. They donor specify the total number of hours but it must be two hours minimum for renew. Two hours is insulting and will certainly not be adequate to...
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    Is a Phantom really worth it?

    It really depends on what you want to use it for and will it do that job and do it well? Rather like buying a camera? I did th many times as a pro photographer. I chose the best I could get for my money that did the job well. I was never tempted by the techno brigade view of ‘needing’ the very...
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    Looking for high end landscape photographers using the P4P.

    For cloudy days, wet days, sunny days, I always shoot RAW. And nowadays I always shoot AEB. after processing can take many routes as you have the information available to do what you wish. Straight forward HDR, for example or a really great B&W image. Some of my best images have come from cloudy...
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    Looking for high end landscape photographers using the P4P.

    I used to be a pro photographer until my condition caught up with me. Happy to chat if you wish. I still just take still images with my P4Pro not moving pictures, although gifs are peaking my interest at the mo. Currently always shoot AEB for HD images.
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    Looking at camera feeds from San Francisco area there is a very thick smog layer above the ground even there. It seems to be trapped below and inversion. I would contact your local Met Office and ask where that layer is and stay away from it, I doubt it would be very friendly to our aircraft ...
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    Military aircraft flying low in open airspace?

    A problem I face each time I fly as our beach is part of a transit for military jets, transports and helicopters on their way to train. No announcements , NOTAMs or anything of tha nature. For me the best illustration I can think of for VLOS.
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    P4 Advanced unstable flight, pitching and bucking at 15mph and up

    The first thing I would check is propellor balance. If one is out of whack then there will be a lot of vibration and movement. I would also try and determine if the motors are running smoothly, with propellers off of course. Check that they are correctly secured, check that there are no other...
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    CRPAA Survey - Getting Involved - Phantom Pilots Input

    I have heard of ARPAS, and what they charge for membership. At this stage of the game that price is high for me, as I only work for charity. I do not expect them to work for charity either, but flexibility would go a long way and gain them at least my membership. Sadly that is not to be.
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    CRPAA Survey - Getting Involved - Phantom Pilots Input

    So why does the U.K. not have anything like this?