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    Standard How long should P3S Batteries last??

    I bought a P3S last spring and used it for about 30 hrs. The last time it was used was last Sept. Since then I have periodically checked the batteries and made sure they are charged. Well I rented a place at the ocean on a cliffside, and both batteries won't turn on. They come on and then after...
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    Standard How much does radio towers effect signal??

    Thanks for the kind words. I am working with them and trying to share the link to my flight so he can give me some insight. Derek
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    Standard How much does radio towers effect signal??

    Thanks for the replies. When I get some time I am going to try and get out of town. I am about 5min North of Boston, so its hard to find someplace that is quiet from noise. I was flying away from the tower but it is about 1800-2000' to the rear of me Derek
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    Standard How much does radio towers effect signal??

    I am new to this so I am not positive on the terminology, but I will try. I have 25? flights with a P3S, and have been loving it. I was getting a message all the time saying poor signal fly with caution. I was getting aggravated with it so I ordered a new Inspire 1 holder for a tablet, and while...
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    Launching and flying from a moving boat - Technical Question

    I know this its an old thread, but I was wondering. Can you set the P3S to hover instead of landing? I am planning on filming my kids tubing, and basic lake stuff. We have 2 40' docks, and I dont know if the RTH feature is that exact that it will find it, and the land has a lot of trees, so i...
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    DJI Care or not

    Yes it was. I am in Mass, and not sure the exact writing of the law but if something is priced incorrectly they need to honor it. It was a price for a different drone, but they didnt stock it, the Phantom was there only one they sold. they had 8 of them, and i was going to buy them all, but the...
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    Tell everyone a Tiger got you
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    Buy 2 Standards instead of 1 Advanced

    I almost just did that. I bought 2 P3S because of a price screw up, (they were $160ea) I ended up selling the 2nd on because I am not going to use it much, and all I really wanted was a second battery. I sold it for $400, and with the money got a battery, case, wireless extender, and iPad Mini...
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    DJI Care or not

    Im glad I read these stories, and looked into it. I bought 2 P3S because of a pricing error, I paid $160ea, so I am going to pay $129, for and extra $50 protection? I should have kept the second one for a spare, but instead sold it for $400. Derek
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    HI from Boston

    Thanks for the reply, It was a great deal. Was going to keep the second as a pair, but all I really wanted was a battery. I would have rather maybe bought a case with the extra money. One question I have is when you guys say straight out, does that mean totally straight? My inlays have a lake...
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    HI from Boston

    My name is Derek and I am new to flying copters. I have been into RC cars, and some photography so this looked like an easy fit for me. I am a gadget guy, and like to have the best within reason. I have wanted a P4, but with 4 kids not realistic at this time. I was at a major retail store that...