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    Adding FPV to a Zenmuse equipped Phantom

    viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1900 Read the end of this post....
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    Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal keeps resetting

    The GoPro is plugged into the zenmuse gimbal with the 13 pin connector in the back. The video from the GoPro runs through this connection and through the cable that runs from the back of the gimbal and into the GCU. The GCU has an output for the video ( the headphone type plug) that you...
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    Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal keeps resetting

    ....and don't forget to put that little rectangular plug cover back onto the GoPro.
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    Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal keeps resetting

    The video feed runs from the back of the GoPro where it plugs into the Zenmuse Gimbal, through the GCU and then to your transmitter. The cable is included with the Zenmuse to do this. No need for another separate camera. Your FPV sees what the GoPro sees. They did this so that you would not...
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    Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal keeps resetting

    The GCU is made so that you can plug into it instead of the GoPro camera for the video feed. You should not be plugging anything into your GoPro as you show in this photo. That is what the extra cable that came with the Zenmuse is for. It goes from the GCU to the transmitter to send the video...
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    Local and Federal Laws Great Info

    The drone industry industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is experiencing a shortage of drone pilots. Guess where drone pilots come from? I think that the Quadcopter market just needs to figure out how to wrap a flag around their "hobby" and realize that the government really can use a...
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    Zenmuse and Goggles for FPV?? Help guys

    I've put together 2 Zenmuse / Phantoms. Both work great and the footage is fantastic. If I didn't read this forum every day I probably wouldn't know anyone was having problems.
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    Zenmuse H3-D2 GoPro Gimbal problems

    I wonder if that custom lens changed the weight distribution on your Gopro. That might be enough to send the Zenmuse into hibernation mode. The gimbal is very sensitive in this regard.
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    Any properly functioning zenmuse out there?

    I have two of them both in Phantoms. Both work perfectly. No wierd noises. No smoke. One did get hot when first installed, but is fine now after 30 or so flights. I did call my dealer (B&H) with some questions on warranties, the software, etc. but they didn't know anything and told me that...
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    Zenmuse Dead?

    Does anyone know what the warranty is on the Gimbal from DJI? I've looked all over their website and can find nothing. No warranty card was included in the box. Strange way for a company to do business IMO.
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    Zenmuse H3-D2 GoPro Gimbal problems

    I bought two and installed both into Phantoms last Tuesday. I've also updated the Gimbal software to the latest release. About 20 flights on each. So far no issues. Let's hope it stays that way.
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    A little help please....

    Yeah, it took me exactly 5 minutes to figure it out, and one minute to type a retraction. I was thinking that if I pushed hard enough I could move the planet just little further from the sun and solve global warming. Just remember, I thought of it first. :roll:
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    A little help please....

    Okay, never mind. I put the top on the wrong way. It was 90 degrees off. All is well. Charlie
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    A little help please....

    Okay, so yesterday I installed the T-motors into my Phantom and set everything up to work with the Futaba T8J. Tested it all out last night and everything worked great.... flies like a dream. Today my DJI gimbal showed up, so I took everything apart again and installed it. It also works...