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    Battery charging problem

    Hi. According the the IOSD Mini reading the battery is at 60%. Battery was showing 2 green bars.
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    Battery charging problem

    No, they are at 60%. Do yours operate correctly after charging this way? I've lost one Phantom (a P1) thanks to dodgy batteries, don't fancy losing this one!!
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    Battery charging problem

    Hi. Am I getting confused, or is something wrong with my batteries or charger? When I connect the P2 battery to the charger nothing happens. If I go through the procedure for switching the battery on (ie press switch then hold it to light up LEDs) it then appears to charge. I'm sure I've not had...
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    Gimbal On/Off selection Phantom 2 Assistant

    As far as I can make out, selecting on or off on the P2 with the custom Zenmuse makes no difference whatsoever.
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    Fatshark predator v2

    Hi. I have the same setup. Contact Simon at He sells a cable for this. No need to split cables or soldering then.
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    FPV recording

    I Have the P2 with IOSD Mini and Immersion FPV transmitter. The GoPro records the flights as seen through it's lens, but is there any way of recording the flight from the FatShark goggles so can also have a record of the flight with the IOSD data? The goggles came with an AV cable, but has...
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    Phantom 2 & Zenmuse H3-2D

    In addition the the P2 and Zenmuse, I have added an immersion 600 transmitter and the IOSD Mini. I use Fatshark Predator goggles. This gives really good video and still quality (with the GoPro Hero 3 Black) and sends all flight data to the goggles for confidence when flying. Try...
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    Gopro FPV question

    Thanks. Didn't think of that one :roll:
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    Gopro FPV question

    I've got the GoPro set up on my P2 for FPV. having installed IOSD Mini there is data overload on screen! Is there any way of switching off the GoPro on screen data so can only see IOSD data?
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    IOSD Mini Driver

    Thanks - but which piece of software is it? I can't find anything that says its a driver. I can only find assistant software.
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    IOSD Mini Driver

    Just fitted the IOSD Mini to my P2. It doesn;t work... DJI Instructions say download the IOSD Mini driver and assistant software. I have lost the will to live trying to fidn the Driver Software!! It is not on the DJI site, unless it has a different name. Any pointers from those who have a...
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    DJI Phantom 2 Case EU Stock

    I have the larger Duratool case (from when I had the P1). P2 does fit but not with props attached.. Not much of a problem, I just take them off when storing.
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    Battery low level warnings

    Hi. I see that the low level warnings can be adjusted in the assistant software. Is this something anyone has done? Is it worth doing and what are the risks? Thanks
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    Battery Life

    Thanks guys - i guess there is no discharge feature with the DJI Charger?
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    Real World Flight Times

    P2 with Zenmuse, GoPro Hero3 Black shooting 1080 video and stills every five seconds, Immersion 600MW FPV, 16 minutes to first battery power warning. Cold out, only 5 degrees C. Impressed!