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    So some idiot shot my phantom3 advanced WITH 22.

    In no way do I condone trespassing and I'd never fly over private property but out of curiosity, if my lawn chair blew onto private property or my kids kicked a ball onto it or even if someone drove a RC car onto private property, is that trespassing as well? It's not me standing on the land...
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    flying over water

    I fly over my lake all the time. Get good and comfortable with flying first and then take it out.
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    Show off your Phantom 3 Videos

    Do the paraglide's catch thermals once they're in the air so do they have to glide down once they reach the limit of their winch? I learned to paraglide in Hawaii with a winch but you quickly outgrow it and launch from the hills and ride the ridge lift.
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    Statue of Liberty

    So I'm in New Jersey today. Want to do this but is it legal? Am I going to get arrested? Don't want that to happen!
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    That's what I have been doing. It's the only way. It's obviously effective and the way to do when flying at a new site but with my phantom 2vision+ I was able to plot waypoints on a map before launch and set it on its way. I think this feature is handy and desirable and wish I had the option...
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    That's true. I'm not writing off this feature entirely. It's nice to be able to set the waypoints manually but I live on a lake and I know the whole thing very well by now. I know the altitude of the trees around me. What I wanted to do however is plot a course along the shore all the way...
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    Yeah, I find it pretty annoying too because the initial fight to get the waypoints just drains the battery for no reason.
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    Whats your Range on your P3P ?

    Haha, missed a zero in there. Good catch.
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    Whats your Range on your P3P ?

    I got 1400 ft. That's 2.65 miles. All stock. Could have gone farther but I was afraid of the battery life. Not sure how I did it, maybe the area I was in. I can't get that distance in populated areas.
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    Follow me functions with P3P??

    Just because a particular feature might not be useful to you and even if you could never see a reason for you to use it doesn't mean someone else wouldn't find a purpose for it. I never use IOC but it's a cool feature that I'm sure some people find useful. We shouldn't be so narrow minded...
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    DBS MODS ITELITE Antenna Install

    I got to 14000 ft before I turned around. Landed with 35% battery left so next time I'll push it to the 3 mile mark. Don't think I'll try any further then that. 14000 ft was scary enough. I want my baby over my head at 20%.
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    Fair price to charge real estate

    Haha. Can't tell if your joking or not but it's an expression that means not working ok the books. I got paid in cash, no taxes.
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    Fair price to charge real estate

    I'm not angry. Bit defensive and I apologize for that but my question was not actually answered. Instead it was relieved as if a criminal was asking. True it's not actually legal to make some money without the proper approval but it seems to me like a minor indiscretion. I served in the...
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    Phantom recovery mid free fall

    It's not. I have a pro to record it with. I put 1,200 for an advanced plus taxes and such.