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    Which firmware patch for my Phantom 3 Adv for ESC Error?

    Thanks! Wasn't sure anyone would reply as this being such an old drone in "drone years"! I hope it works.
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    Which firmware patch for my Phantom 3 Adv for ESC Error?

    My Phantom 3 Adv has been sitting in my gear closet for a few years since it's last flight. I started getting the dreaded ESC Error after the last official upgrade and about that time got a Mavic Air so I just flew that mostly. A week or so ago I decided to contact DJI for the firmware they put...
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Adv. "ESC Status Error" question

    I know this issue has popped up from time to time. I pretty much quit flying my P3A when I got the Mavic Air, it just sat in it's case in the closet, kind of like the cowboy in Toy Story. Recently I wanted to sell it and raise some cash since it just sits here to a place that trades in camera...
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    Anyone with State Farm Insurance..

    Interesting as I have State Farm here in Texas and they added my P3A with no questions. I carry extra cover on all my camera gear so I was just adding it on. They did say they will not cover HERO cameras though which I found kind of funny as my drone is more at risk then my Hero system which I...
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    Got my P3A back from DJI with a replacement

    After attempting a few times to repair my broken gimbal and the aftermath myself I sent it DJI for repairs. I had replaced the broken gimbal arm and bent roll arm and also the ribbon cable but could not get and signal from the camera so I gave up. They sent me a price estimate that included at...
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    Advanced Repair update

    A couple of weeks ago I posted about a really hard landing I had that snapped my Yaw arm where it attaches to the motor in the circuit board; it's probably the weakest part of the arm as the metal is quite thin there. I also noticed that the plastic legs or landing assembly for the drone was...
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    Advanced Stupid mistake and I crashed my P3-A

    Thanks for the reply. I might have pushed both sticks down, like I said I was in a panic as it was going up fast and I was 5 feet away from my wife's fairly new company lease car, and that would have been hard to explain to her and her boss. I will need to read up on uploading the flight log...
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    Advanced Stupid mistake and I crashed my P3-A

    Ok, I admit I must have panicked and made a stupid mistake that caused my drone to fall from about 40 feet on to the parking lot. Here is the scenerio: This is my first drone experience and mostly I have been practicing flying and getting the controls figured out. I've been slowly getting more...
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    Houston, TX - Any Phantom Pilots?

    I did my first flights at a local elementary school playground since school is still out. I positioned myself under the edge of the covered basketball court so I had a little shade and a level place to sit in the folding chair I brought and had a clear view of my drone in front of me on the...
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    Houston, TX - Any Phantom Pilots?

    I know this is an older thread but I live in Kingwood up on the NE side of town. Lots of trees in my area make flying a challenge!
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    New P-3 owner wondering what spare parts should I buy?

    My family gave me a Phantom 3 for my 60th birthday last week which was super cool! So far I have logged about 6 hours of just practicing basic flying, take offs and landings. I never was very good with video game controllers so I am trying to get my flying skills in order before attempting any...