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    Vanishing data

    Yesterday,while flying my P4pro,I wanted to tâche pictures,on manual mode.I had a major issue: as soonest I touched the focus scrolling wheel, ALL DATA disappeared,letting only the landscape view. I managed a manual return to home,tried again,after rebooting the bird and the controller.Same...
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    Name change

    Question: yesterday,while flying my P4pro,I adjusted my camera in manual mode. As soon as I scrolled the focus wheel,all data disappeared, except the image.I made a manual return to home, stopped everything,and tried again. Same result. Can someone help me?
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    Phantom Phantom in the Sky how I wonder which is mine ?

    Mr Locke,what are strobes?Does it interfere with footage?
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    What am I doing wrong?

    My P4p+ is,for me,a flying camera, and my best footage is always realized when my bird is in sight,using the different intelligent modes and various altitudes.
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    Getting a Phantom 4 pro with built in screen any users have time using one?

    Mine still doesn’t accept the DJI panoramas modes,two months after the update of is a shame!
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    BEWARE the Phantom 4 Pro + (yes... PLUS)

    I don’t want aPhantomWetsuit, I just want to be able to upgrade m’y P4P+ to the new Panos mode. All others DjI drone owners can!(Mavic,spark,P4,P4P... ) I repeat:it is a question of equitability!!!!!!
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    P4P+ latest update

    You ara right.More ( app) for less$
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    P4P+ latest update

    You are right,gadget guy:i’ll Pay much less,for more
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    P4P+ latest update

    I tried,with DJI support line,and WE FAILED to upgrade m’y P4P+! It is a shame.I am happy to receive your reply,and having a NORMAL P4, I can make panoramas.but in 12 megapixels instead of 20! Do you think it is an acceptable situation,one month after the upgrade is used by spark,Mavic and all...
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    P4P+ latest update

    So,,msinger,I understand that apart from clearer perspective piloting my P4P+,l paid more for less. I would even say that I would not hesitate to change m’y P4P+ for a P4pro.I could upgrade,like ALL other phantom pilots,Mavic and spark,and use Litchi!
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    P4P+ latest update

    I am a 69 years old medical doctor,a very enthusiast photographer,using a Go-Pro4,a compact camera Canon G7xMll,a P4drone and a P4P+. Lastly,the 12/25/17,DJI upgraded the P4 firmware to V01.05.0300,witch permits different panorama modes.I cannot use it,my r.c.saying that I have the latest...
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    Can you tell me why my P4P+ does not upgrade to 12/25/17 V01.05.0300 new panoramas modes the...

    Can you tell me why my P4P+ does not upgrade to 12/25/17 V01.05.0300 new panoramas modes the r.c. »saying » latest version!!!